Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skip the Box Stores for This Years Family Portrait and Hire Local Photographer Kenzie Prudhomme

One thing that you should never do is get family or children's photos taken at the big box stores. Your kids will have 13 years of getting portraits taken at school in front of a blue screen. I know that the prices of a professional photographer will never compare to their $29.99 specials but the photo quality is nowhere near the same. Your friends will goo over your cute kid, put the photos onto their fridge for the holiday season, and then they will be thrown out or put in some cardboard box with all the other stuff they don't know what to do with. A family photo by a photographer such as Kenzie Prudhomme will make it into their albums or framed on their mantle. These are not just photos of a cute kid. They can be art to be enjoyed forever.

I just love photography and Kenzie does it beautifully. She has been taking photos since she could walk and loves it. She has a gorgeous website where she has slide shows of family photos, newborn babies, weddings, and more. She is a professional and is very reasonable with her pricing. Keep her in mind for the future because her photos will create memories that a discount box store cannot do.

With a little research you can find an awesome photographer at any budgets. There are many photographers that do not have the giant portfolio but have the eye and talent to create beautiful memories. Do not be suckered into the big names wanting the big bucks. Winnipeg has a great art scene here and there are amazing photographers at all levels that are not hard to find.

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