Saturday, October 31, 2009

Local Grocery Puts Local First

My favorite thing in the world, of course after GOD, my children, husband, bla bla bla, is FOOD!! I cannot budget food. I cannot cut back on food. I can't stop cooking, baking, or eating delicious food. That is why my favorite store in the world is a grocery store. Eat It is the place to go for delicious, organic food in Winnipeg. They even deliver outside of Winnipeg so don't feel left out if you are not 5 minutes from them like I am. It may seem that I purchased my home because of its close proximity to the coolest grocery store but actually they have been following me because I am such a great shopper. ;) I found them at, of all places, the Assinoboine Downs Farmers Market. I started shopping online and at their small location hiding behind a strip of big naughty box stores. After we bought our house they moved locations to one street over from us. Lucky ME!!

There are many other local stores that carry organic food. The one difference that Eat It has over the others are the owners and workers. They are AMAZING. It is like walking into a fairytale store. They are smiling and singing and chatting you up while you visit them grooving to their sassy tunes. They LOVE what they sell and you can see it. The prices are also WAY better than most of the other organic stores. They are located in a small warehouse so they don't have the overhead that most of the others do and they have the mentality that organic food should be for everyone, not just the Tuxedo rich moms.

I guess I should talk about what to buy there that is LOCAL since that is what this blog is all about. They carry local organic meat, dairy, veggies, berries, candles, raw foods, tasty breads & baking, grains, legumes, honey, flours, and pasta just to name a handful of items. Instead of stopping in at a box store for your package of extremely disgusting hot dogs to throw on the BBQ, stop here instead. They have everything you need to blow your guests away with an awesome and local meal. Maybe for Christmas this year make a local, free range, organic turkey stuffed with a dressing made with local whole wheat multigrain bread, cranberries and wild rice. Decorate the table with local chemical free bees wax candles. Can't you tell I have Christmas on mind. I actually am a vegetarian so I HATE the big meat factories. I hate cruelty to anyone or anything. My husband on the other hand is an omnivore so I buy his meat from local, hormone free, animal friendly farmers whenever possible.

Shop online or visit their store on Wall Street Monday-Saturday.

On the vegetarian note, please take a minute and watch this video about where your meat comes from. I am sure that it will make you run all the way to Eat It to get some factory free meat.

Meet Your Meat

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