Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ditch the Box Stores, Shop Local

It doesn't matter where you live. There are local treasures to be found. I believe that if we could quit looking for the new "big thing" we would be happier for it. If I am not happy without the new fangled box store gadget then I probably won't be happy with it either. Right now everyone wants more and more, as cheap as possible, & as fast as they can get it. I am not unknown to this feeling. We have been renovating our home so we have credit spread all over. We can't wait to earn the money to buy what we want and the credit card companies know that. I know everyone is like that to some extent. I am trying to change my buying habits. I want to be able to get what I need without shopping at the big box stores. I would guess that 90% of the products sold at all the big stores in Canada right now are made in Asia somewhere. If we want our products cheaper than the manufacturers have to go elsewhere.

Why can't we s l o w down? Slow down our purchases, spend more time looking into the production of the foods we eat and the clothes we wear, and quit accumulating cheap crap. We have to start looking at how we can work with our community for a better life. Meet and greet your neighbors, visit local shops and groceries, walk instead of drive now and then, and visit local farms to see where your food could come from.

Another important thing is to look at your homes and declutter!! Do not add more to your house. I am not saying that we should live in an empty box but actually think of our purchases and make sure it is something that we cannot live without. This goes for toys too. Get to know your child and choose items that fit their interests. Then you can buy a good quality item instead of boxes of plastic dollar store toys.

It is very easy in Manitoba to buy nearly all your needs without stepping foot in a large box store. There are local, organic and non-organic groceries & specialty stores, farmers willing to deliver their meats, grains, legumes, and vegetables, local businesses that sell their wares in store fronts, online, farmers markets, craft shows, or from their homes. Everywhere around me there are stay home moms creating beautiful clothing, toys, baby items, paper products, accessories, photography, art, and so much more. I keep coming across these amazingly talented people who sell their hand made beautiful items for great prices.

Through this blog I would like to help my community get to know what is available in their neighborhood. If there is anything you are looking for and I haven't posted about or you are a local business wanting me to review or post news items about your products feel free to email me at I look forward to learning more about my home through this.

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