Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dessert Sinsations

Dessert Sinsations has surprised me. When they first opened I passed by it numerous times thinking to myself: "What a terrible location, this place is never going to make it." As I continued to pass by, and it was sticking around, I figured it was worth checking out. Since my first visit I have never had a bad time at Dessert Sinsations.

Dessert Sinsations is like a complete meal. You start with your appetizer which is a great atmosphere. From the minute you step into the bright fun room you are greeted by amazing staff with bright genuine smiles. There are images of event cakes and desserts all over. Then there is this large dessert showcase that makes you immediately contemplate skipping your meal and heading straight to dessert. I also love restaurants where you can peak into the kitchen and see the chefs running around creating our meals. It makes me feel better, like they have nothing to hide.

The main course starts with a large menu with a delicious combination of new and classic items. I usually skip the meal and head straight to dessert so I cannot ooo and aaa about too many menu items. I do have to comment on the mushroom poutine. OMGoodness! My friend Carmelle told me all about it for a year or more until I finally tried it this last fall. It is the best vegetarian option to have on a menu. Do you know how many times I have eaten roasted vegetables with chevre made into stacks, sandwiches, or puff pastries. Roasted veggies are no longer a new idea. I know that poutine is a pretty classic dish but this mushroom poutine could bring fighting countries together to feast. The gravy is filled with a mix of wild and domestic mushrooms chunks and is poured over a mix of yam and potato fries. It is just salty enough that it makes you crave something sweet to balance out the palate.

That brings me to dessert....which has to be very good considering they named the restaurant Dessert Sinsations. I have tried at least one of each type of dessert they offer. I find the cheesecakes are cheesecakes. They have many flavours and they are beautiful but I find cheesecakes do not have much range....they typically taste the same and don't offer a lot of creativity. They do have a beautiful arrangement of tortes and I have not had a bad one. They use all sinful ingredients and the tortes typically have a great balance. They are sweet, rich, creamy, and light all at the same time. Their desserts are all wonderful but what I typically zone into are the small slices and cookies. I love brownies, shortbread and other cookies, and cupcakes. I think they are great to mix and match with a friend or to consume by yourself of course if you skip your meal like I often do. ;) This is where Dessert Sinsations shines for me. They have delicious small desserts and I applaud them for their large variety of diabetic friendly desserts & dainties. The last time I was there they had 4-5 diabetic dessert selections which is amazing. I of course tend to zone in on the full fat, full sugar treats but my friend Barb tried the diabetic brownie and was very impressed with it.

I have one complaint about Desset Sinsations. It is fairly significant considering I tend to head there with a group of friends. There are absolutely no martinis. I know martinis are probably getting to be a little passe but I don't get out much without the kids and I love a pretty martini when out with the girls. ;)

Dessert Sinsations typically does a set menu for Valentine's Day so if you are interested I would recommend calling for reservations soon.

Dessert Sinsations
505 St.Mary Ave (beside Winnipeg Art Gallery)
(204) 284-2661


David Plumridge said...

Hello Lulu,

My name is David and I work at Dessert Sinsations Cafe.

Thank you for the wonderful review, I have only worked here a couple of months and I love hearing what other people think of us.

I just wanted to let you know that although we do list all of the drinks that you can order, we can make a mock martini :P stirred not shaken and with black olives. All you have to do is ask and we will do all we can for you.

Thank you again and I hope I can see you in the cafe sometime.

lulu said...

haha! Good to know. I have been there since and always eat well. :)