Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Right There! Tea, Food & Wine Korean Museum Restaurant

I have visited Right There! twice. My recent visit was with my friend Carmelle who had never experienced the Right There! event. The owner Jae-Im Kim visits you at the door and you feel like you are visiting a luxury spa. She speaks quietly and is a ray of sunshine. She leads you to a beautiful chair made out of a smooth tree stump and spreads the place mat menu on a wood table that sits on top of another smooth tree stump. The room is bright and organic. She explains the menu and helps you make choices while also teaching you about the healing and health benefits of your choices.

Right There! has a beautiful selection of teas, coffees, cold drinks, and alcoholic beverages. She starts us with cool barley water that adds just a little sweetness to the water. I chose Crushed Pear Juice and Carmelle chose the Royal Palace Tea which is a mix of gin-seng, date, pine nut, and peanut. She explains how it is beneficial for detoxification and vitality and it is very good for the liver.

She also starts us with an appetizer assortment of Kim-Chee, pickled radish, seaweed, and a transparent noodle soup. The Kim-Chee is delicious and the pickled radish tastes like salt and vinegar chips. Neither of us were big on the seaweed but I know it is very good for you so we did try to finish it. ;)

When she hears that we are both vegetarian she fully recommends to us the Bi-Bim Bab which is rice in a heated ceramic bowl topped with assorted vegetables, and served with a sunny side egg on top. $11.99 for the vegetarian version. The also have bbq beef for $12.99. She is very persuasive so we take her advice and it is delicious! It comes hot and each vegetable has a little spot in the large bowl. The egg is place on top and you mix it all up and eat it. She left a small bowl of hot sauce so add to it but I am very wimpy since I had my kids so I PASSED.

The meal was fantastic and the service is beyond what is expected. You feel very special by the time you leave not to mention light and relaxed. The food is not heavy or oily so you feel refreshed with the visit.

My first visit was with my husband who is unfortunately big into quantity and about an hour after we ate he wanted to eat again. He thought it was good but he wouldn't go again because it didn't fill him up. I feel that it isn't important to stuff your face with a huge quantity of meat, carbs, and grease so I thought it was a wonderful meal and Carmelle would agree with me. We had a fantastic time and would genuinely recommend it!!

I have not experienced much of Korean food and Right There! has inspired me to try some of the dishes at home...especially Kim-Chee & Bi-Bim Bab. I found a good site online that has videos to show how to make them. I just have to get to the market soon!!

Right There! Hours:
Monday: 4pm-Midnight
Tuesday-Saturday: Noon-Midnight
Sunday: 5pm-11pm

They have a website with their menu and a review from the Winnipeg Free Press:


These sites have reviews as well:



Right There!
472 Stradbrook
(204) 775-5353

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