Monday, February 15, 2010

Homer's Restaurant I KNOW that Homer's Restaurant is still open because my husband and I decided to order take out for Valentine's Day. We have two small children so we had our romantic dinner here once the kids were in bed. I was very thankful for early bedtimes because my stomach was growling.

I have had Homer's a few times in the last 4-5 years. It is not far from our neighborhood and they have a delicious menu and I especially love their Homer's Vegetarian Platter. My favorite greek dish is Dolmathes. They are little vine leaf bundles stuffed with rice and glazed with a lemon sauce. Normally they come in the Homer's Vegetarian Platter but they have changed the dish slightly and they do not anymore. Their online menu still shows them on the platter so they would make it that way if you wanted it. The platter comes with a stuffed tomato or pepper, spanakopita, roasted potatoes, and the veggies of the day. My platter came with the stuffed tomato. Everything was lemon and fresh tasting. The spanakopita was buttery and rich and the potatoes were fantastic. Even the seasoned vegetables were good and the red peppers tasted like they were marinated for hours. They were melt in your mouth good. I am not 100% sure that the potatoes are not cooked in a chicken broth. If you are a very cautious vegetarian you may want to ask before ordering. I am a long time vegetarian but I know that I have occasionally eaten items at restaurants that may contain some meat broth and I am sorry to say that sometimes the less I know the better. Many ethnic restaurants still label dishes with meat broths, fish, or oyster sauce as vegetarian dishes so it is good to check.

We, or should I say I, decided to order the Dolmathes appetizer because it has 5-6 of them for $8.95 and I can't get enough of them. I actually have bought a jar of the leaves at Deluca's and have intended to make them at home but haven't gotten around to it yet. They were delicious and the lemon glaze was light and creamy. I was very impressed that I allowed my husband two of them. It must have been the love in the air.

My hubby ordered Greek Baby Back Ribs which came with Avgolemono lemon chicken rice soup, roasted potatoes, and their veggie of the day. He said his meal was great too but said that he prefers ribs that have a wet sauce since these were more of a dry rub. He said they were very good but he said they would be better as an appetizer since they are similar to dry ribs offered at many restaurants. One thing that he was very impressed with was the prices. All the meals were between $15-$25 and this included the steaks and seafood. My husband is fairly thrifty so for him to say this was pretty cool. Also, I have a menu from 4 years ago and the prices have not gone up much at all and I know that nearly every restaurant I go to ups their prices every year or two including the cheap delivery pizza places.

Their menu says that they were established in 1979 and that they are the creators of Chicken Souvlaki and that is has since spread internationally. Hmmmm......I wonder if that is true?? They also feature fresh, tasty, unadulterated food, and multigrain flax bread that is baked on site. Using fresh, natural ingredients is very important to Homer's Restaurant. I have yet to dine inside so I cannot comment too much on the service but I have always spoken with friendly people on the phone and at the front. I have used them for small catering events and have never had any issues and everyone has always been very happy with their meals. I would recommend that you keep them in mind for a work lunch, a small or large function, a dinner party, or like we enjoyed...a romantic dinner for two.

They have menus online:

Homer's Restaurant & Catering
520 Ellice Ave
(204) 788-4858

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