Monday, February 8, 2010

Pizzeria Gusto

Pizzeria Gusto on Academy is another good choice for a date night. The atmosphere is airy and decorated minimal & modern. The dining room is open concept but it still feels warm and private. The service is great and the food is amazing. The Chef at Pizzeria Gusto takes simple items and morphs them into new takes on comfort food. I love the menu including the unusual but earthy appetizers, pizzas, and entrees. I visited Pizzeria Gusto twice. The first time I was blown away and the second time I was unfortunately very disappointed but I will get to that later.

Last Halloween I headed to Pizzeria Gusto with my friend Debra-Jean. We were both pregnant and hungry. It took us far too long to decide what to eat because everything sounded amazing. We ended up each getting an appetizer and sharing a pizza. Debra-Jean had a deconstructed blue cheese & pear salad that she said was amazing. I had their feature of the day which was chick pea bruschetta and it was the best appetizer that I have ever had. The pizza we chose was called cornish pizza or something like that. I always have a hard time remembering names but I remember flavours forever. ;) The pizza had roasted yam with green sage and browned butter. For two pregnant women this was so much better than sex. We savored every bite and I have now stolen the idea and brought it home. Our only disappointments with this visit were that we could not try one of the wines on display and their dessert menu was not enticing enough to try. I am sure that it changes daily but the night we were there it didn't do it for us.

I hate ending on a low especially after such a fabulous review but I must because it bugged me so much. I love our large variety of local treasures but I have one issue. Often small businesses especially restaurants seem to think it is just fine to be closed any time they feel like it. Their signs say that they should be open but they are not. The night before I arrived at Pizzeria Gusto for my second visit I had called to make reservations because it was going to be for six people on a Friday night. Well, I was told that they do not take reservations so we would just have to walk in and hope for a table. When we arrived the next night it was closed for a private function. I was so miffed. Why couldn't the person have told me that when I had called and saved us the trip? I am a bit of a grudge holder and haven't been back. I am sure at some point I will be lured back with the memories of the delicious meal I had there. Right now I am still hurting inside. ;) I am a bit of a drama queen.

I would still recommend Pizzeria Gusto but maybe call before to ensure they are open. Everyone whom I have recommended it to has gone and adored the food!!! Just remember that it is not a cheap pizza place. It is higher end pizza but two people can easily have an entire meal for $60 or less...unless you add a couple bottles of wine. With my visit it was around $45 for 2 appetizers, 1 pizza, and 2 italian sodas.

Here are some other reviews. Everyone seems to love the place too.

Pizzeria Gusto
404 Academy Road
(204) 944-8786

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