Sunday, February 28, 2010


On Friday we visited friends. They got supper from Nikos. I haven't had Nikos for almost a year. I made my husband get Nikos when I was in labour with my boy last March. Oh did it hit the spot. ;) Friday we got a spread of Greek sandwiches, greek salad, caesar salad, and french fries. It was all good. We were a little disappointed that the side pita bread we ordered didn't make the bag but everything else was enjoyed. I had a veggie greek pita with greek salad. I love the feta they have at Nikos. It is soft and creamy and I haven't had it anywhere else. It makes the sandwich!! My hubby got the greek gyro, Shelley got the chicken gyro, and Steve got a sub. Everything was great. I like Nikos because the prices are really good even though they are on the Corydon strip. You can easily get out of their spending $8-$15 and going home very full!

They have a good menu with appetizers, salads, light meals, burgers, sandwiches, and pitas. Nothing on the menu is over $14. The dining room is small and usually full but if you can't find a seat their take out is just as good. ;)

There is a menu online:

and reviews here:

740 Corydon Avenue
(204) 478-1144

It looks like they may have opened a new downtown location. I haven't been there yet though so I can't comment on it.

Nikos Downtown
102K-333 Saint Mary Avenue
(204) 956-5652

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