Saturday, February 27, 2010

Delicious Vegetarian

Delicious Vegetarian has been my comfort stop in for over a decade. The vegan Chinese menu is as large as any Asian restaurant's that I have been too and it is delicious like their name proclaims. Over the years not much has changed at Delicious Vegetarian other than the decor and their ever expanding menu. The owner is as cheerful and helpful as ever and I have never had a bad visit.

I have been there at least 30-40 times over the years and tend to make most of my stops at lunch for their daily special so I have tasted many many dishes. The daily special allows you to choose your options along side the set meal. The daily special starts with your choice of hot & sour soup or wonton soup. I have had both many times and the wontons are great but I LOVE their hot & sour! It is thick & filled with veggies & soft tofu, and the broth is rich and spicy. The main meal is served with your choice of noodles, white rice, or fried rice and it also comes with a small super deliciously crisp spring roll. The meal itself is a combination of mixed veggies, deep fried tofu, and sauce such as spicy szechuan or black bean. I have had a few dishes over the years that were just ok but most of the time I am very satisfied with their choice. Another great thing for all you people looking for quantity is that there is always something left to take home. The hot & sour soup is so filling that I can take most of my lunch home and finish it for supper. It is also just as good warmed up!

When I was in my very very early 20's I had a roomate that frequented Delicious Vegetarian so often that the owner would make whatever special he wanted. It was fabulous. Our favorite was always the spicy szechuan tofu because it was sweet and spicy and is still my favorite sauce.

It is not necessary to only visit for the lunch special. The menu has so many options that it is difficult to decide on what to try. My staples are the deep fried tofu with spicy szechuan, veggie dumplings, hot & sour soup, their HUGE vegetable soup, sweet & sour gluten balls, and harvest in snow (don't have a menu so I can't remember the exact name). I read some reviews online and it makes me want to head there to try a few things recommended that I didn't even notice like spicy salty mushrooms, spicy peanut soup, and eggplant with black bean sauce.

I only have 3 complaints. I have been there a couple of times at lunch to find them closed when I am not expecting it and they are also one of those restaurants that make you pay for your rice. I get a little peeved with that. If I order 2-3 dishes and rice is the staple, I should not have to pay for it. Just throw it in!! I am sure it costs them pennies and I have a couple friends that do not eat there anymore because of that. They are not cheap, they are just trying to prove a point or something. ;) The final complaint is the location. I love it so much that it should move to my neighborhood. I don't get there much lately because I typically do not go that far from Wolseley to eat. :D I am sure people like it's Pembina Highway location but I don't. Come to me please Delicious Vegetarian!

With that all said the food is great, Terry is super friendly, and the prices are good too. You do not need to be vegetarian to enjoy Delicious Vegetarian. There is something for everyone. I also love to send patrons to Delicious Vegetarian because they are the leaders of the growing vegan empire in Winnipeg. They were vegan before most people knew what vegan was. When new restaurants tend to have a maximum 3 year lifespan they took a risk and are still here serving their delicious daily special a decade and a half later. Hurray Delicious Vegetarian!! I also love how it sits next door to a meat shop. ;)

There are some reviews here:

Delicious Vegetarian
1467 Pembina Highway
(204) 477-1530

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