Sunday, February 7, 2010


It seems that Luce is gonzo and another sushi place has stepped in. Driving down Corydon is strange lately. I used to live and work in the area and since I have moved out of the area and had kiddos I feel like every time I head down the strip it has changed drastically. There are very few places that can stick it out. Clothing stores, restaurants, and other things shops are all replaced with new clothing stores, restaurants, and things shops. Is it because the businesses are not run properly or because too many people are heading to the malls, box stores, and large chain restaurants? It is hard to say. I know that the lease prices on Corydon are ridiculous and business owners rely too much on the summer traffic so some businesses cannot make it through the winter. This last summer was not the most ideal for patios or evening walks so I am sure many businesses felt a little abandoned. I hope this summer is a good year for all our local businesses.

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