Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eat! Bistro

I was emailed a great review this morning about Eat! Bistro located in the back of Aqua Books on Garry St. I too have visited Eat! Bistro last month and thought it was so cute with the miss-matched chairs & tables and the design of the walls and even the ceiling panels. I stopped in with my friend Barb after supper so we perused the books and headed to Eat! Bisto for sweets and a hot drink. I love the dining room. It is bright and very artsy! The server was very friendly and the menu looks fantastic. I got a cupcake and hot chocolate. Both were ok. I am a bit of an icing artist so most cupcakes cannot stand up to the flavour of mine and the hot chocolate didn't have whip cream. Imagine!! ;) But.....the menu of appetizers, soups, and dips look fabulous and I intend to head back for a meal one day soon. Enjoy Jodi's review of Eat! Bistro and head there to share some snacks with a friend.

"Blind dates… are they worth it? Absolutely! Last week I went on a blind date to Eat Bistro. The only unfortunate part of this whole love story is that I have missed many terrific lunch dates at Eat! Bistro as it opened in April, 2008 and this was my first time. The restaurant is in a fantastic downtown location and the building’s old, brick exterior contrasted with its expressive Eat! Bistro sign instantly interested and excited me. Being located in ‘Winnipeg’s cultural city hall’ is a brilliant fit for the culinary creations crafted here. The whole building oozes with creativity and artistic ambiance which makes it both inspiring and inviting for all artists and lovers of art. As this was a first date I experienced only a sliver of my new lovers menu. I was easily persuaded by the ultra fun and friendly server who made me feel welcome, like an old friend in his home. I had the lemon chicken soup, which was deliciously zesty. The soup was accompanied by a warm portion of European baguette and served in a deep wooden bowl and it was comforting right to my soul. It is a rarity these days to be so full, fulfilled and nourished for $6. Although there was no room to indulge in dessert my sweet cravings were satisfied. The in-house lemonade presented a perfect balance between sweet and tart with a surprise to excite my taste buds and my spirit – the taste of fresh strawberries warmed by the summer sun. I had the lemonade…. And I liked it! ($3)" - Jodi

Eat! Bistro
274 Garry St, Winnipeg
(204) 949-1231

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