Tuesday, February 23, 2010

India Palace vrs East Indian Company and Ivory

India Palace is my favorite Indian restaurant in Winnipeg. The food is delicious but it is the owners that make it the top on my list. India Palace may not have the mile long buffet like East Indian Company has or the fancy decor that Ivory does but it is a simple and has a quiet comforting atmosphere. I have never had a bad experience at India Palace and I have eaten there or picked up food probably close to 20 times. The owner of India Palace has been there every time I have visited and she is fabulous from the minute you walk in until you leave. She is very charming and has given me samples of some of the sweets they offer like the jalebi and burfi and they are beautiful and delicious. Another plus is that they also come around with hot nan bread once you have your meal.

My favorite dishes at India Palace are their Veggie Korma and Palak Paneer. They also make kick ass appetizers and a delicious indian chai style tea. I have had their buffet several times and I like it because it isn't over the top. They choose 8 or so of their favorite dishes and offer them at a vary reasonable price. They also include their huge and delicious samosas along with the buffet. I am often drawn to their buffet because they always have their veggie korma available on it and I am a sucker for samosas. Their samosas can be ordered and picked up by the dozen for $9.99.

I do not feel comfortable at East Indian Company like I do at India Palace. The owners and servers are friendly but it always has too many people bustling around rushing back and forth from their huge buffet. I am not much of a buffet lady and it bugs me when I buy individual dishes and I see them scooping them from the buffet for me. Oh does that make me peeved. What is the point of ordering an individual dish if you don't get it fresh. I have had the buffet a few times in the last 10 years and the food is good but I can only eat one plate so I would prefer to get my favorite dish rather than pay the large sum for the buffet and if it is too much to ask...not scooped off the buffet. Also, the nan has to be purchased separately which adds more to the hefty cheque price.

My issue with Ivory is again not the food. I have known many servers over the years who have worked at Ivory and quit because they stole a huge chunk of their tips in their so called tip sharing. A friend of mine knew this of them and refused to tip and the owners noticed there was nothing on the table and made sure to ask if he was planning to tip at the register. That is the main reason why I stay away from that place and I cannot comment on the food because I refuse to eat there.

I know there are several other Indian restaurants in Winnipeg and I would love to hear comments on them if any of my readers have time to share. I have one bit of advice I would give about most of the Indian restaurants I have tried is that they tend to use mild to medium spice with most of their dishes. If you prefer spicier curries then make sure to let the servers know or you may be disappointed. I think they cook for the masses who prefer less kick. ;)


India Palace
770 Ellice Avenue
(204) 774-6061

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