Sunday, January 31, 2010

Café Dario

It looks like Café Dario will be the first restaurant to be featured here. It is a 4 star restaurant and for supper it offers 5 course meals for $35 a person. They have 5-6 options for appetizers and entrees with a set menu, soup, salad, and dessert.

Café Dario was chosen for my husband's work Christmas supper this year. It was very good but if you have a dietary issue you would have to call ahead so they could do something for you. I am a vegetarian and the person who booked it forgot to mention it at the time of the reservation and other than one appetizer all of the choices were meat. The server was unsure of what there would be for me to eat because it is a set menu. I was sure I would be eating salad and dessert and was a little miffed. They ended up whipping up an entire meal for me. I was impressed with the kitchen staff!!

I see Café Dario as a date place. It is small and cozy and doesn't look like much from the outside. It is definitely the type of place that requires a reservation for supper and I would recommend it for Valentine's. The food is amazing and the Chef is a local favorite!! Online I searched for other reviews and it looks like around 95% of the reviews loved it too and only one reviewer had anything bad to say about it.

A couple people messaged me on Facebook about Cafe Dario:

"I ADORE this tiny, little restaurant, not far from us.

It's called "Cafe Dario."
The owers of "Eat It" recommended it to me.
Michael and I went there on my birthday last year.
The owner was so sweet, totally catered to us. ...
And the food was awesome!!" - Barb

"Ditto on loving Cafe Dario :D awesome place." - Tarana

Marion Warhaft has a good review featured on What's on Winnipeg. It is worth the read.

Café Dario
Open 7 days a week for lunch and supper
1390 Erin St. Winnipeg
(204) 783-2813

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Robert said...

I'll second the positive review. My Wife and I went for the first time last year and have returned quite frequently since.