Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love is in the Air

February on Handmade in Manitoba is going to be good loving month. That is, the loving of food and celebrating our local restaurants. I will dedicate each post to a restaurant that serves Manitobans well and adds to the culture that flows all over this beautiful province. I would love if you could help by sending me reviews and/or your favorite local restaurant experiences. I have been around the food circuit in my day but there are so many restaurants I have not had the chance to try and I would hate to miss out on featuring them!! Please stick to LOCAL restaurants and NO chains unless they are marvelous and started here in Manitoba. I will not be featuring any restaurants that I cannot review so if you are a business that wants to be featured here then you must send me a $50 gift card to come and taste your wares. ;) Of course I am kidding. I would love to hear from local restaurateurs too. Send us a paragraph on who you are with any photos you would like in the article.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to this month!

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