Friday, January 29, 2010

What Do You Choose For Your Baby's Bottom?

I am a mom so it was inevitable that there would be a baby bottom post. There is nothing more adorable than a baby's bottom and in order to keep that baby bottom as lovely as possible, the right diapers need to be used. This post is not for the faint of heart. I promise that the word waste will be used many many times in it. If it will make you feel a little bit better you can use this post as a fantastic drinking game. Every time I mention waste you take a sip. I am sure you will be VERY happy by the end of the read.

I am very much against the disgusting mess our landfills have become and would prefer to keep trees trees so this post is all about local cloth diaper makers and distributors. Some of these people sell diapers not manufactured here in the prairies but I am featuring them anyways because so many people buy online and I'd like Manitoban's getting your money instead! ;)

I titled this post What Do You CHOOSE For Your Baby's Bottom because it is a choice....I have heard all sorts of excuses why people do not use cloth diapers and they are all ridiculous. First off....price. When I got my diaper selection for my first child I bought 1/2 of the high priced first rate diapers and 1/2 cotton hand made ones from MCC. You can get diapers of all price ranges so that is a terrible excuse. At the low price point there are prefolds for a couple dollars each and cotton or fleece handmade diapers at all the second hand stores for maybe 25 cents. Then there are the mid range box store brands which typically are worst than the home made ones and then there are the diapers with the gold lining and all the bells and whistles. These diapers can be as much as $30 each. I know that may sound a little extravagant to wrap around a bottom but you often get what you pay for. I think I spent somewhere around $400 to get started and probably another $200-$300 after selling 1/2 of the ones I originally bought because I found new favorites. I ended up buying the high end, gold lined, bells and whistles diapers for around $700. I found some used and that helped. In the end, I am not buying thousands of disposables over and over for years so it has been a smart investment....and like I could easily go with the 25 cent MCC specials and you would be in very good shape.

The second thing that bugs me about exclusive disposable diaper users is how they comment over and over about how much work cloth diapers are. Hmmmm. First off, it is worth the little bit of extra work to keep the waste heading to the water treatment centers rather then the landfills. Secondly, it is so much cleaner to me. Disposable diaper users typically just toss the dirty waste filled diapers into some kind of diaper gene thing and they sit there getting ripe until garbage day. They also throw them in other people's garbages & leave them in public washrooms. Cloth diaper users get in the habit of dumping the waste, i have a very handy sprayer on my toilet so I don't need to get anywhere near the smellies, and enclosing the diapers in a cloth wet bag that can be put right into the wash with the diapers. There are no diapers being left all over the place and everything is safely stowed away until wash day.

That is my WHY! Now that I have lectured and possibly grossed you out learning all about WASTE! Then I shouldn't WASTE anymore of your time and get to the WHERE.

There are fabulous diaper manufacturers and distributors here. Like I said above, skip the box stores for their brands. They typically leak and don't allow for proper air circulation...the days of plastic pants are over. Keep the vinyl on the turntables. ;) (Sorry...Old DJ joke). I would like to encourage you to take a peak at these websites and learn all about what is available here. I assure you that every good diaper brand is here. If you have any questions about them it would be a great idea to contact the distributor because all these people know their stuff. If I have missed anyone please post a comment or email me at and I will make the additions.

Mother2Mother:,, 204-228-3273 (Website Under Construction:
- Fuzzibunz

A Tall Giraffe:
- Sustainablebabyish wool and cloth diapers, Winnipeg's AMP, Grobaby, Kissaluvs, Antibacterial pail liners, wipes, diaper sprayer, and more.

Blossom & Bean:
- Fattycakes fitted, pocket, and all in one (AIO) cloth diapers, Motherese Diapers and covers

AMP Diapers: 1650 St James street, Winnipeg,
- Winnipeg manufactured AMP pocket, one size, all in two diapers, swimming diapers, flats, and inserts, Stay Dry AIO, Bummis, Hemp Fitted diapers, and more.

Baby Booty Cloth Diaper Shop:
187 8th Street South, Winkler, 204-325-9366,
- Canadian made diapers such as Mother-ease diapers and covers, Bummis prefolds and covers, Snappis, Monkey Doodlez, & local made diaper wet bags

Bloomies Diapers:
- bamboo fitted, prefolds and doublers, pail liners, and travel wet bags

The Diaper Nest,
- Rump.A.Rooz,
Apple Cheeks, & Happy Heinys

Tiny Tree Hugger:
- Apple Cheeks, Baby Kangas, babyburrito, BerryPlush, DryBees, FuzziBunz, Happy Heinys, Jamtots, Knickernappies, & Thirsties

Cloth Diaper Mom:
- BumGenius, GroBaby, Imse Vimse, Thirsties, Econobum,
DryBees, Happy Heinys, Knickernappies, Baby Kangas, Rocky Mountain Diapers, and more

Baby Green Sprout:
- BumGenius, Dri-Stuff, Bamboozle, Bummis, Indisposables, swimmers,

Canada's Diaper Ladies:
- Boobles Bottoms

Little Green Viking:
- wool soakers

Nursery Notions:
- Winnipeg made cloth diapers, liners, cloths, and inserts

Other Manitoba shops that sell cloth diapers:

Baby Bin:

Child's Place:

Humbolts Legacy: 887 Westminster Ave Winnipeg


Diaper Services:

Tender Touch Diaper Service: 1619 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, (204) 338-8622

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lulu said...

One think I thought this morning that I should add. When buying second hand diapers make sure to inquire about how they were washed. Also, if they used a wet pail for the dirty diapers. This is very important especially for pocket diapers and the waterproof pants. Certain products can clog the diapers and they will not be as absorbent and can trap bacteria. Wet pails & bleach are terrible for the waterproof layer. There are a couple great websites that detail the best laundry detergents for cloth diapers: