Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wild Wind Naturals

It must be the snow coming down or that Valentine's Day is just around the corner but all I can think about are hot baths and nourishing my body inside and out. Another natural bath and body company has risen from the prairie dust. Originally from Manitoba, Wild Wind Naturals started up in B.C. and they sell their Earth inspired products across B.C. They have come back to roost in Silo, Manitoba anxious to get their name out.

Similar to my previous feature, Wild Wind Naturals has an amazingly large product line for the whole family including:

• Soap
• Bath
• Body Butter
• Body Mist
• Face and Skin Care
• Lip Butter
• Massage Oils
• Salves and Lotions
• Essential Oil Roll-Ons

"I started this business almost four years ago in BC, making soap and bath bombs. I heard about some ingredients used as preservatives in toothpaste - and I was shocked to find out all the different chemicals that are present in all the products we as consumers use. The business has since morphed into an entity all it's own to include all sorts of bath and body care items. Our salve is particularly popular, and has solved many a skin issue from rashes to eczema that steroid creme couldn't get rid of. The ingredients we use are natural, paraben free and free of chemical foaming agents and surfactants. Our belief is that by using chemical free* products on our bodies and in our environments, our children will be healthier, our environments safer, and our pets happier. Our minds and bodies will be free from preservatives and additives that research is now linking to cancer and dis-ease. Our goal is to be healthier and do what we can to be as close to Nature as possible, all the while, enjoying the wonderful gifts Earth has provided us."

Currently, in Manitoba, Wild Wind Naturals can be purchased online, are available for home shopping parties, and soon will be available at Lady of the Lake & Absolute Design in Brandon. Keep an eye out in Winnipeg too because they are hunting for the perfect places to sell their Earth inspired products. I will update here once I here of their new locations. Now you can find them online:

Wild Wind Naturals
Using Earth's Gifts to heal the Mind, Body and Spirit

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