Monday, May 3, 2010

April's Great Local Finds

I have not been shopping too much lately because we have been more into decluttering our lives. We have been working on a renovation and have found a local carpenter to make our dining room table out of reclaimed wood, banquet seating, and possibly a window seat for our sun room. I will feature him once I get the table here and set up. I loved being able to find someone close to home who is talented and able to do custom wood work.

My daughter wanted a princess ball for her 3rd Birthday party this year so I had Manic Mittens custom make a crocheted crown and bought a matching brown and pink pettiskirt. Both are adorable. I bought a little hand made bow tie for my son as well but unfortunately at 1 yrs old he will not keep it on even long enough for photo. I bought a special something from them for my friend's girls 1st Birthday but I can't feature it yet because her party is Wednesday and my friend does sometimes check out this blog and I want it a surprise for her as well. I will add it later this week when I get a photo of her in it.

I also bought more bath yummies from Just The Goods. I got a little sample of her peppermint toothpaste and my favorite product of her's to date, her energizing vegan bath melts. They are shaped like little white chocolate truffles and have bergamot, lavender, juniper, and peppermint essential oils. I bought them for my daughter because she has chronic dry skin like her mom and it helped very much. The bath was creamy and oily and it releaved the dryness in her legs and back. Normally baths just suck out whatever moisture is left but these bath melts helped more than anything else has. I just had to watch the kids in the bath because it makes the tub very slippery and I didn't want any injuries. ;)

I have 1 friend and 2 sister in laws who are pregnant so I am excited to see what I can find locally for some really neat baby gifts. Wish me luck.

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