Monday, May 3, 2010

#1 Local Baby Shower Gift: The Baby Sling

I know normally people count down to #1 but I am impatient and hate waiting. It is also something close to my heart so I have researched it numerous times which makes this an easy & fun post for me. ;)

I have said this before and I will say it numerous times again, a comfortable, safe baby sling or wrap can do wonders for the moral of a new mommy and her baby. Everyone has had the baby that is fussy, colic, or overstimulated. You pace back and forth with him, rocking, singing, with both of you crying and nothing helps. Neither of you get any sleep and you both, and your participating partner of course, are at your wits end. I, and many friends, have not found anything that works as well as a comfortable sling, wrap, or carrier. Department stores stock thousands of items to help with baby's sleep and comfort but nothing will work as well as cuddling up against their parent's heart and swaying back and forth on a leisurely walk. I also believe it will work miracles with post partum and help increase bonding. You also get to share some relaxing exercise with the one you now hold dearest to you.

One thing Manitoba has are amazing sling makers. These slings are beautiful, comfortable, and made to be the safest alternative you have for your baby. The moms who make them use them and model them to ensure the ultimate closeness. They choose modern & breathable fabrics. The designs are simple and easy to use. I cannot even choose which sling maker I like best because they all are unique in their own ways. I have heard that to test how good a chef is you have to choose the simplest dish on the menu. This goes the same for these sling makers. The sling designs here are similar and simple but the fabrics chosen are unique to each artisan and they are 100% better than any of the main stream carriers available today.

So, to wrap this up, I think slings are a great shower gift because they will get oos and aahs from the crowd due to the beautiful fabrics. They also range in price from $40 - over $100 so they are a good idea if you would like to purchase one on your own or with a group. Lastly, most of the sling makers here sell gift certificates so if you are unsure of the style or size of the sling you can let the mom choose from a large variety. Check the websites to ensure you are getting the right sized sling for your mom.

Lastly, slings do not have to be bought to reflect the baby in them. A tiny little girl does not need to be cuddled into a pink poka dot sling or the boy into one with baseball bats. Slings are made to reflect the mom (and partner's) style and you will notice this with the fabrics that all these artisans work with. Slings actually get quite addictive and I know more moms than I can count who end up with many. Have a peak at these websites and believe me that it is the ultimate baby shower gift.

Also, if you are interested in more information about slings, wraps, and carriers I invite you to join a fabulous local babywearing forum. Here you will learn from first hand users babywearing tips and opinions.

or check out this utube video with members from Winnipeg Babywearers showing off what is available in the baby sling world.

If I have missed any sling makers please email me

Legend for slings featured here:

1. Small Potatoes Pouch Sling
2. Sling Sister Pouch Sling
3. Gurumama Mei Tai
4. EMK Pouch Sling
5. Lily Pad Pouch Sling
6. Sling Sisters Bamboo Stretchy Wrap
7. Gurumama Ring Sling

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Amber. said...

I LOVE my sling from LilyPad! I actually just borrowed it out to a new mom...I hope she likes using it as much as I did :)

My youngest daughter was only 4 weeks old for her 1st Christmas, and I LOVED having her so close to me. Kept away all of the grabby people at family gatherings too because they could only peek, couldn't steal her. (don't get me wrong, I don't mind people holding my babies, but we had 6 gatherings really close together, and we all know what happens when babies get passed around too much!)