Friday, May 14, 2010

#6 Local Baby Shower Gift: Baby Toys

I said it in my first post and I will say it again. Where are all the local toy makers? We have a plethora of sock monkeys, stuffies, and handmade dolls but not much else. If I am missing anything I would LOVE to know so please email to

*Remember that you can click on items to see a larger photo of them.

**Many of the items shown here are one of a kind or custom made so feel free to email the artisans if there is something you'd like that is not on their Etsy sites etc.

If you can't find what you need here please shop at local businesses instead of the box stores. Some to take a peak at are:

1. Toad Hall Toys:

2. A Child's Place:
338-1120 Grant Ave, Winnipeg, 204-284-7633
91-1225 St.Mary's Rd, Winnipeg, 204-257-5289
24-1570 18th St, Brandon, 204-726-9214

3. Explore Store:
Polo Park Shopping Centre,Winnipeg, 204-788-0121
City Place Shopping Centre, Winnipeg, 204-942-4189
22-1128 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, 204-663-9252

4. Mom's & Children's Paradise:

5. Baby Bin:

6. Heritage Kids:

Newborn Toys:

Stuffies, & Handmade Dolls:

Imaginative Play & Other Fun Stuff:
1-5: Felt Food: Lovebug Creations -
6: Felt Food:
7. I Spy Bag:
8. Bean Bags:


Drawing tools:
1: Crayon Roll:
2&3: Crayons Hearts & Crayon Roll:
4&5: Crayon Roll:


melanie said...

Thank YOu for posting about my etsy store!!



lulu said...

No problem. I have another area where I think I have a few items of yours saved too. Keep an eye out this next week. ;)

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