Sunday, May 16, 2010

#7 Local Baby Shower Gift: The Newborn Photo

I have always preferred candid photos over posed studio photos. I especially avoid any photographers where they dress the babies up corny and put them in front of some back ground screen. Little Johnny is a baseball player or little Sue is sleeping in a flower. They kind of creep me out for some reason. With this said, I do not detest hired photographers for newborn, baby, or family photos. Many photographers are very talented at finding their muses' actual personalities and do not impose a personality on them. I love some of the photos I am posting here. Little naked newborns are the cutest and if I hadn't looked like a house when I was pregnant I would have loved a professional maternity photo done.

Many people choose the box store studios over a photographer for hire because they think the prices are better. Two tips: a less known photographer will charge less and can be just as talented as some of the bigger names and companies, and get what you pay for. If you choose the bargain studio with the silly props and screens you will not remember at all who your child was at that age. All the kids look the same when all propped up. Look for someone who photographs a moment in time and preferably in your own cozy home. In the end you will have more than just a cute photo.

A photography session is a great idea for a shower gift. If the shower ends up before the baby is born then the mom can choose maternity or newborn photos. It is something that many new families cannot afford on their own and not everyone is talented with their own camera.

I have a small selection of talented photographers here. They all have an eye for the natural beauty of the child and if props are used they feel natural like a warm blanket to snuggle the newborn in or a warm hat to keep their little bare heads warm. A search online will show you many more. Before you choose a photographer look at their portfolio and make sure that they know what your expectations are. Each photographer has their own styles, training, and experience. Experience can be an asset but does not always make a better photographer. A fresh new professional photographer can have a view of the world that a more mature photographer may have lost. Look at what they have and talk to them. You will know right away if they are a good match for you.

Freckle Face Photography

Karen Hunter Photography

Kenzie Prudhomme Photography

Peekaboo Studio Photography

Alexis Tachnak Photography

B2 Photography

TLP Photography

EUC Designs

*All photos here are used by permission from the photographers featured. Please do not use the photos without consulting them first.

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