Monday, April 26, 2010

Gurumama, Mother to Mother, The Soap Lady, Bent Into Shape, Eclat Jewelry, & More

I found my cards from the Scattered Seeds Craft Show. I am going to apologize now that most of the artisans and crafters I like do not have websites and I do not have photos to accompany most of the features. I also didn't end up buying much at this sale because I only went with $20 and unfortunately after the $8 spent to get in I didn't have much left to spend. I also ended up liking larger ticket items like furniture and custom cabinets.

Since I mentioned cabinets I will start there. I liked this corner booth that featured beautiful distressed painted cabinets, country garden and house designed items, a little children's table, and this big country garden shed. Everything was custom made and it was very country chic. I got a business card and the business is called Calligraphy From The Heart. They haven't a website and I am not sure if this is another business owned by CFTH's Laurie Harvey. I am interested in a small double door wood cabinet that they call a water cooler cabinet. I think it would be great as a small pantry. If you are interested in more information her email is I am going to email her for some photos and will add them here when I hear back.

Another furniture booth was Bent Into Shape which customizes in Willow Furniture. Again, no website but I will try to contact them. I loved their willow chairs and I thought the prices were great. If you are interested in willow chairs, loveseats, mosaic tile tables, arbors, or are interested in taking a workshop email them at

Now to change farm.....Aurora Farm from St.Norbert. They had a fun booth with photo cards of their beloved animals, wool scarves, hats, and mitts, goat milk soap, and more. I bought two adorable photo cards of Jeffery (a baby cow) and Vincent (an alpaca) that I plan on framing for my boy's room. Too cute. If you are interested in wool items, soaps, or even horse back riding lessons email They have a website in the works.

Now...time to switch gears again. That Soap Lady had super cute soaps. Anyone who knows me knows that I love bar soaps and That Soap Lady made beautiful looking soaps with very interested smells and designs. Some actually looked edible like the donut soaps she has posted about on her blog. All her products are made from natural ingredients. The soaps are hypo-allergenic, with no detergents, sulphates, surfactants, alcohol or sugar solutions. She uses vegetable oils, water, moisturizers, emulsifier and kosher glycerin. She can be found on her blog at, or That Soap Lady can be found at the following retail stores: Fort Whyte Alive - 1961 McCreary Road, Winnipeg, Phone: 204-989-8364, 515 Osborne Street (South) Winnipeg ~ Phone: 204-219-9991 Toll Free: 1-866-924-6082 & at Sew Dandee in Osborne Village.

Another booth that I was drawn to was Eclat One of kind jewelry designs. The jewelry was beautiful but it was the glass art that I was amazed with. I especially loved the poplar trees that looked like they were topped with glass candy. They actually have a working website with photos of many of their glass art.

Lastly, my favorite booth of the day was split between Gurumama and Mother to Mother. Jennifer from Gurumama is continuously expanding her product line. I know Gurumama as AMAZING baby sling makers. The fabrics they choose are awesome and the quality it top of the line. What I LOVED at this sale was her reversible toddler swing dresses and not just for baby retro bonnets. Oh are they adorable. The fabrics are to die for and I will be ordering for my little girl asap!! Gurumama has a great website Mother to Mother started as Childbirth & Doula Services but has expanded to selling hip and handy wares for babies & big kids. Most items are not handmade but my favorite find of the night was Noreen's handmade eye spy bags. They are little pillows with a window on the front. Kids can peak through the window and search for items hidden within the bag filled of little plastic beads. Attached to the pillow is a search list with photos of the items so kids can try to find the items in the bag. I am picking up two from her because I am on the search for good travel goods for our 40 hr car trip in June. Noreen has a website

There were also some good oldies that I have reviewed previously. EMK's bags were beautiful as usual, my friends and I always go gaga for U.S.E.D. recycled seatbelt bags, and I finally got to have a look at 's jewelry. I joked with my friend that she had to pick up at least one set of earrings because her husband is a computer nerd and a pair of Periwinkle Dzyns earrings would probably be quite an aphrodisiac. ;) Their reviews can be found here in case you missed them:

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