Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Many Craft Fairs but NO TIME!!!!

I actually had time to attend the Scattered Seeds Craft Fair this weekend and it was ok. Mostly the same stuff that was at the Convention Centre just before Christmas. I don't like craft shows that cost you so much to attend. $6 to get in and $2 to park is a little ridiculous but what can you do? I thought Scattered Seeds would have been filled with a bunch of neat enviro or reclaimed stuff but no....just mostly the same old. I ended up only buying one $3 dip mix and that's all. There are some future craftsters and artisans that I may be heading to in the future so I will write about them soon.

I have to head out so I will be back soon with some features. I do not have much luck this month with attendance of any of the other craft fairs happening. I have a very busy weekend and there are 2 shows I will probably miss. Boo hoo. If anyone ends up at one of them I would love some reviews or features from it. I would hate to miss some amazing new or old talent out there. Email handmadeinmanitoba@gmail.com. Ta Ta for now.


PeriwinkleDzyns said...

hmmm I was there with my upcycled jewellery - computer parts, soda cans, and lots of other funky - why didn't you come by and say hello?? support us upcycle artisans!!

lulu said...

I did see you booth and it was very nice to see something neat there!! when we passed by friday eve there were two people working your booth and you were both with people. We did admire your jewelry but had to keep moving because we had to put kids to bed. ;)

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

Understood :) catch you next show!