Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cartizan: AWESOME NEW Local Artisan Where To Buy Site

To celebrate Earth Day I am featuring a new up and running website where Manitoba artisans and crafters can market their wares. I am amazed at how professional it is and how many crafters are already posted on it. The site is called Cartizan. If you are a crafter, artist, or artisan or if you sell such items you need to be a part of this site. The site resembles Etsy and has current artisan features, categories to help you reach the perfect artisan for what you need, and will soon have a calender with Manitoba's craft fairs & farmer's markets.

Have a peak and bookmark it if you are a shopper or list there if you are a crafter. I think it is going to be a huge help for our community and make it even easier for the masses to purchase Manitoba made wares. I am sure I will often reference this site in the future. Hurray to people who care about shopping local and put the needed efforts in to try to reach everyone. I think this site has something for everyone and if it is marketed correctly it can be a HUGE resource for shopping in Manitoba. Keep our money here. Help support your community by supporting this site.

The site is:

They also have a great article on the site that explains how shopping local is good for not only your pocketbook but globally too.

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