Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vendors List Is Finally In For Vineyard Craft Sale

I recommend that you have a peak at their website.  They have an amazing photo collage of some of the vendors featured at the sale.  Here is the brief who's who:

1. Joy Eidse - Quilts
2. Heike Eidse - Knitted Creations
3. Kris Antonius - Greeting Cards/knitted fibre
4. Chandra Kremski - Paintings/Fabric Art
5. Kayln Falk - Leather Cuffs/Necklaces/Photography cards
6. Robyn Weibe - Wood Plaques and Photography
7. Jocelyn and Lillian - Salsa/bread/buns
8. Jill Falk - Bags/Purses
9. Sheila Terra - Soap
10. Natasha Boone - Illustration
11. Julia Mark - Prints/Cards/Photography
12. Stephanie Martens - Paper Art
13. Krista Heide - Centre Pieces & Candle Holders
14. Krystle Brandt - Christmas Baking
15. Jill Worboys - Crochet Hats
16. Jill Friesen - Lunch/Snack Bags/Crochet Hats
17. Nepal - Nepalese items
18. Monika Thiessen - Pottery & Quilts
19. Melanie Mushaluk - Jack and Jane magnets
20. Jeffery Coleman - Stainless Steel Jewelry
21. Aimee & Kristy - Baby Items (blankets, burp cloths, booties etc)
22. Liz Marshall - Paintings
23. Tanis Gray - Broken Clay (charms with messages)
24. Rachel French - Baby Quilts
25. Nancy Blokland - Pottery
26. Deb Kelly - Baked Goods
27. Tara Garcia - Glass (tumblers), bowls, lamps (recycled)
28. Emma Ramos - Hand Made Dolls           
29. Christine Schemel - Homemade delicacies & specialty foods/spices
30. Lisa Letkeman - Jewelry
31. Rachelle - Childrens book, bookmarks, magnets, cards
32. Teniel Wolgemuth - Knitted Goods
33. Pam Levenick - Greeting Cards
34. Sara Brown - Hand Made Accessories (belts/bags/hair)
35. Christina - Photography/cards
36. Ellen Paulley - Knitted Items
37, Celeste Brunel - Photos printed on Aluminum
38. Kami Goertz - Plush creatures, ceramics and ornaments
39. Amy Bonham & Michelle S - Slippers & Knitting
40. Megan Wilcott Dias - Premade Organic food (soups, bread mixes etc)
41. Ali Tatary - Leather and Semi Precious Jewelry
41. Chris and Lindsay - Manitoba Wild Flower Honey
42. Betsy Heiber - GLUTEN free baking
43. Rikki - Spoon Jewelry
44. Emma Thesien - Chair massage
45. Lisa Butler - Face Mates
46. Lilypad - Slings, Bibs, and More


Amber. said...

Whoa, that sounds like an amazing line-up for this year! Sadly I am not able to make it, but I SO wish I could see my name on that list. Hopefully next year!

The Vineyard show was my FAVORITE one to attend last year, such a warm & festive atmosphere. LOVED IT!

lulu said...

It was my favorite too. My second favorite was the This Ain't Your Grandma's sale. I also like the Robert Stein One because it is simple and close to home. :)

fashion jewellery and accessories said...

wow..what a great collection...
love the design
Those pieces of art that are absolutely stunning!

rwiebelove&life said...

I am looking for Jill Worboys contact info, I bought a hat from her at this sale 3 years ago and I just lost it this week :( so sad! And I really really would like another one! It was a newsboy style in a dark turquoise alpaca wool with 2 grey buttons... Thanks for any help you can give :) Robyn Wiebe

lulu said...

Hi Robyn. I am sorry but I don't know any of the vendor's personally. I know they have a facebook page for the sale. I'd send a message there and hopefully someone can help you. :) Good luck!