Monday, October 25, 2010

Record High for Handmade in Manitoba

Thank you readers.  I have been using a tracking device that tells me how many visitors I have each week and this month has been amazing.  I have had double the readers....600-800 people a week.  They are not just glancing at it and passing on.  These are people actually spending time reading about our local community.  I am so happy that the artisans, artists, local vendors, local restaurants, crafters, and craft shows are getting the attention they deserve.  Keep reading here for local talent and keep buying local.  Also, if you are new here and are a crafter or artisan make sure to email me your bio and some photos and I'd love to do a feature on you.  The more the merrier!!  Also, if you head to an craft fair in the upcoming months I would love a email about who was there and what was cool.  I then can post your reviews here.  The more help I have means more coverage here!!!  I will only be attending a handful of craft fairs so many will go by without any details on it.

Thanks again everyone!  Email any comments, reviews, or bios to


Nancy Blokland said...

Thanks for providing a great resource to crafter/artisans and buyers. You are filling a huge void that has existed up to now.
thanks very much

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

this is now the blog I send my friends to = to look up craft shows and see what's up in Manitoba - thanks so much for doing this!

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

You are my go-to blog for local Craft Fair info and finding great sources for gifts. Thanks for featuring me, I love being a part of the community!

Lenore of Lather Creations

lulu said...

Awe...thanks everyone! :)