Saturday, March 12, 2011

Toxie Design's Sexy Jewelry :)

I like simple, sexy jewelry and I came across Toxie Design today on Etsy.  Her jewelry is perfect with a sleek design and a little sparkle.  ;)  Her sexy earrings can be found at Poppie Clothing in Winnipeg or online:

Jennifer's bio:

"I began making jewelry at a young age - mainly as gifts I gave to my mom - who as it turns out is allergic to nickle and does not have her ears pierced therefore could not wear her ten year old’s lovingly made jewelry.

I continued on making jewelry for just myself and other as gifts until about 5 years ago. That’s when I started making Swarovski crystal jewelry that I been selling in a local women’s boutique. I have even had a couple designs appear in movies that were shot in Winnipeg (The Lookout with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Make it Happen with Tessa Thompson). Recently I decided to change from purchasing my finding to learning to make my own. I have been forging, bending, twisting, hammering and am just starting to use a micro torch to fuse silver.

All the jewelry is made in either sterling silver, Argentium silver or gold filled. The earwires, wraps, clasps, links and even some of the chain is handcrafted by me. For adornment I mainly use Crystallized ™ Swarovski Elements - beads, pendants and other components. I love the interplay between the precision of Swarovski and the organic nature of hand shaped and hammered metal.

What is in a name? Toxie is my nickname for Toxaris- who was, according to legend, an Amazon warrior and skilled archer.

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