Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh So Retro

I have this problem....I cannot let good fabric leave my house.  I have remade old sweaters into cushions, my old clothes are reformed into my 4 yr old girl's clothes, and friends give me vintage clothes for me to store in my hope chest until I have need of them.  I came across Oh So Retro and she seems to be on the same wave length as me.  She transforms old fabrics into wallets, bags, and more.  She even has a design your own tote where you make your choices for your perfect bag and she makes it.  This is what she says about herself:

"Oh So Retro is a one woman sewing biz based out of Winnipeg, MB Canada. Armed with unique retro fabrics and my trusty vintage sewing machine I create handbags, wallets, pillows, clothing and many other fun accessories.

Oh So Retro started back in 2004 as a vintage clothing shop. I started making purses out of salvaged fabric from floor length gowns and much-too-small-for-anyone tweed skirts and soon enough the bags started outselling the clothing!

I joined Etsy in 2005 & have been selling here ever since. I love the vintage section and love to do trades with vintage sellers." 


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