Thursday, March 24, 2011

Plum Coulee's Monthly Flea Market & Handmade Items

Plum Coulee has a monthly event called The Find.   Here you can find hand crafted jewelry, vintage items, tools, homemade tortillas, handmade babywear, crocheted hats, purses, etc., magnetic jewelry, hand crafted child's stools, scrapbooking supplies, homemade cards, and much much more.  They have a Facebook page with their upcoming dates and more information on the monthly sale.   It is supposed to be a sunny weekend which is perfect for a Saturday morning drive out to the country.  ;)  It is around thirty-forty minutes past Morris which makes it around an hour and a quarter drive.  Google Map it and take a trip out for some great handmade diapers, slings, jewelry, some good vintage finds, and much more.  Check the comments below for driving instructions.  :)

Here are the details for this weekend's Flea Market:

The Find - Flea Market
Saturday, March 26th
38 Peters Street
Plum Coulee, MB

FREE admission


Jeanine - The Baking Beauties said...

Hmm, I used to live right close to Plum Coulee, and have never heard of this before. Sounds interesting. Probably closer to 40 minutes from Morris though, going down Hwy 75 to Hwy 14, then straight west. Still worth the drive though, you can drive right past the new wind turbines (worth seeings, I think).

lulu said...

You are right it is only 5 mins before Winkler and we do that drive ALL THE TIME since my DH has family all over there. ;) It takes an hour and 15 to Winkler.

Thanks for the hwys. I just drive and I didn't know the turn off hwy.