Monday, March 14, 2011

Sling Sister's New Snack Bags Take Over Need for Plastic Sandwich Bags

I have been looking for a solution to eliminate the need for sandwich bags or "ziplocks".  I don't use a lot of plastic bags but I do end up using quite a few plastic sandwich bags.  I have been buying the more eco friendly ones from Eat It but waste is still waste.  Sling Sister now has added these washable snack bags in three sizes.  My kids have already taken over the two small ones they sent.  I think Li's has a little santa and a few small toys in it. ;)  I have been using Tupperware sandwich boxes for traveling snacks because they are not made with any poisonous plastics and are easily washed.  They work fine if I am bringing my big bag.  If we are just heading out for a couple hours I like to just have a sandwich bag with some dried fruit or cheese and crackers stuffed in a pocket.  Sling Sisters also have a lunch sized bag for a days worth of snacks and drinks.  :)

My four year old daughter also has some small toys that have a million tiny pieces like little polly pocket sized dolls.  I use sandwich bags for these, craft and art items, and many other things around the house.  I am thinking I may end up ordering a few more of the medium size so that I can sew on a picture of what's inside and it will help me organize our art box and Li's small toys.

These sandwich bags are mini versions of their wet bags.  They have the cute fabric on the outside, a waterproof inner layer and a zipper on top.  The zipper does not allow it to be 100% waterproof but I have been using wet bags for years for bathing suits and diapers and nothing has come out that I wanted to stay inside.  ;)

Lori, one of the Sling Sister's also told me that many schools have been using these snack bags as a fundraisers.  It would make a great fundraiser because it is locally made, not overly expensive, and everyone would have a use for them.  Perhaps your child's class or another group would be interested in something new to help your fundraising event.  Email them if you would like more information.

This is the Sling Sister's description of their bags:

"Eco Friendly, Fun & Convenient! 
Made from 100% cotton on the outside and 100% nylon with a polyurethane laminate on the inside, they are BPA and phlalate free. 
The zippered openings make these reusable snack bags super easy for little hands to open and close!  
When snack time is done, simply turn inside out to wipe or machine wash on cold / low dry as needed.
These little bags are also handy for storing ipods, cell phones etc.  Or create your own on the go activity pack with crayons and stickers!"

Sling Sisters has quite a following across Canada due to their amazing customer service, knowledge, and well made slings and other sewn items.  They care about selling only quality and want to educated the public about safe babywearing.  They are great local pioneers in the sling industry.  Have a peak at their website for these snack bags or any of your baby or babywearing needs!

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