Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Fun in Winnipeg's Exchange District

This afternoon my hubby and I took the kids for a family fun day in The Exchange District and we had a great time.  We parked on Arthur and played and shopped at Toad Hall Toys for an hour, went to The Line Up for an early supper, and then stopped in for cakettes at Cake-ology.  Toad Hall Toys is obviously the best toy store in Winnipeg with such a great selection of everything.  I could spend thousands of dollars there and I am in my 30's so imagine what a kid could do with a full wallet.  ;)  We ended up getting birthday gifts for three friends and found some birthday ideas for us too.  

I actually haven't been to The Line Up for years but it was a great place for kids.  We got pizzas, fries, and my hubby got some pita thingy.  The food was all good, especially the pizza crust.  The prices were great and the service was super good.  My pizza had a bit of burnt part on it and they had a new pizza cooking before they even brought out the first pizza to me.  Now I got left overs for tomorrow.  ;)

I have reviewed Cake-ology before but I don't think that I have been there since my last post.  We stopped in after supper to take home a few cakettes for dessert and a red velvet cupcake to share tomorrow at snack time.  I like Cake-ology because it is timeless.  It feels like a little shop that could have existed at any time over the last hundred years.   Their cream cheese icing is worth the trip and I have so many friends that crave their little chocolate cakettes.  I cannot wait to eat my 1/2  of the cupcake tomorrow afternoon.  I am sure I will dream of it tonight. 

I know that many people are scared of downtown Winnipeg.  There may be a few scruffy people here or there but I find The Exchange District is such an adventure for all ages.  We got to visit three local businesses today in a community with beautiful character buildings and we didn't have to walk more than a block.   I am so glad that I live in central Winnipeg.  There is so much good stuff here.  :)


Jeanine said...

Cake-ology and Toad Hall Toys are close together? I'll have to keep that in mind the next time we head to Toad Hall (LOVE it there as well!)

Just the Goods said...

Yay cake-ology!!

lulu said...

It is at the North end of Arthur. It was about a 5 min walk with 2 little ones. :)