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#10 Local Baby Shower Gift: Gifts for Mom

Ok...last but not least....I hope.  ;-)  Sorry for the delay but it required a lot of researching.

I have found that baby showers have evolved.  Gifts made specifically for the new mom are now popping up all over.  One thing I know is that the baby will never go unclothed or fed but sometimes mom may.  I think giving a little attention to the new mom will do wonders for her self esteem and life outlook.  I have heard from many loving husbands, including mine, that if mom is happy then everyone is happy. 

To those who have not had babies yet you may not understand the changes that happen to mom when the new baby comes.  Your identity changes, your body changes, and your life is thrown into a blender and mixed and mixed and mixed.  It is a crazy time for mom and she is often overlooked because this beautiful baby is the center of attention.  I have some ideas to help mom feel more loved, organized, and womanly.

1.  To show the new mom that she too can be the center of your attention:  a gift of indulgent pampering is needed.  There are ideas here that could be given from any loved one, her partner, loving family member, or friend.  Even a group of her co-workers can go in together on a day of pampering.

- Some local spas for day treatments: (Urban Oasis Mineral Spa)
Strada Personal Spa 445 Stradbrook Avenue, Winnipeg, (204) 953-3620
Tracy's Day Spa Challenger Crescent, Winkler, (204) 362-8481
Juste Le Sucre Main Street, Steinbach, (204) 320-2522
Sandals Day Spa, 70 Westdale St, Steinbach (204) 392-6873

- Other Pampering Products:
Spa Gift Baskets from one of our local Bath & Body Artisans:

Heat therapy bag -

2. One thing that normally falls apart with a new baby is the balance in the home:  a great shower gift can be something that helps organize the day to day of the new family.  It can include purchasing a service for the new mom like a diaper service or house cleaner or items to help de-clutter mom's brain, house, and new baby items.

- A gift I like to give new parents is a basket of delicious fresh food or a home made meal.  I know it is hard to stay nourished when the baby arrives so it is our responsibility as friends and family to keep the family going. ;)  If I can't make a meal than my favorite basket is a mix of a couple local businesses.   Organic fresh fruit, Organic snap peas & baby carrots, organic dried fruit snacks, & organic granola bars from Eat It.  Then off to Deluca's for a loaf of rosemary ciabatta bread & a wedge of gouda or havarti....maybe try a brick of local made New Bothwell mild cheddar.  Delicious cheese crouissants & a healthy loaf of Whole Wheat Multigrain Bread from Tall Grass Prairie.  Lastly, the punch...something sweet and sinful.  Pop into Morden's Chocolate, High Tea Bakery, or any of the other sweet local bakeries or chocolatiers to sneak a little treat into the basket for Mom.

- A Few Environmentally Friendlier House Cleaners:
Shelbyclean - (204)792-2705 -

- Personal Chef: Peppercorn & Co - I have seen Chef Cindy work and the meals she has made.  She is dependable and always goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are impressed.

"A Personal Chef service is exactly that... a personal chef service. With the freshest ingredients your personal chef prepares custom designed menus and meals fresh or for freezing and refridgeration and can delivery them to your door. By your preference, your chef is also available to prepare your food in your home as well, and can shop, prepare and clean up on site."

- A gift to help her organize her life could be:

1&8: purses and diaper bags -
2&5: wipes cases & change mat -
3: wet bag -
4&9: diaper/wipe bag & nursing cover -
6. diaper bag/purse -
7: diaper bag/tote -
8&10: nursing cover & clip -


3. Mommy & Baby exercise or other fun class for 2 is great to help with bonding:  there are a few ideas below to consider.

- She can boogie with baby at a Salsa Baby Classes or Zumba Babies & Moms.  Or she can stretch and relax with babe at Mom & Me Yoga Classes

4. Mom's also love having bragging rights: a nice album or photo frame will be cherished.  I find most baby frames are very baby so what do you do with the frames once the kiddo has got out of the baby stage? You are not going to want teddy bear frames all over once the the nursery is done.  Here are some more long lasting ideas.

1&2: brag book (and diaper cake at top of page) -
3&4: hand painted frames -

5. The last thing that goes down the drain when you become a new mom is the feeling of being a sensual, beautiful, woman:  when a woman becomes "mom" the individual is lost for a while.  This can be a frustrating thing for her and her loving partner and normally it is the last thing a mom will ask help with.  Here are a few ideas to help mom get her groove back.  Partners, this can do wonders for a ramping up a lacking sex life too. ;)

- Spa treatments,  pedicures, and massages can make Mom feel beautiful.  Look above at the pampering Mom section for local spas.  The classics like chocolates or flowers is always nice to up spirits.  A partner can give Mom a couple hours away to relax with a spa treatment, massage, to take a yoga class, or meet a friend for a quiet meal at a local bistro.  Some local favorites are: Chocolatier Constance Popp, Beyond Flowers, Inferno Bistro, Fresh Bistro, Eat Bistro, Yoga Centre, or Yoga North.

- If money is tight nice massages from her partner can do wonders for her achy tired body & spirit.  Look back at the previous post about local bath & body artisans for a aromatherapy massage oil. 

I hope this gives you some good ideas so you can skip the box stores and keep your money in Manitoba.  There is so many amazing local artisans and shops here that can give you a creative show stopping gift.

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safetyorange said...

Just had to pop in and say I have a purse made by Jillzurzolo and I LOVE it! It's so pretty & funky, and doesn't feel big, but going out and about, it's big enough to hold all my normal purse things, plus a wrap, a diaper, some wipes, a bib and a small snack- definitely impressive for a purse that doesn't feel like a giant beast!