Sunday, June 20, 2010

Funny Cheese Thing

So my hubby is from a farm in Southern Manitoba and they only eat New Bothwell Mild Cheddar down there.  We often get their fresh mild cheddar when he is in the area and I was just in New Bothwell with friends and bought some cheese squeakers for our trip.  For those who don't know what cheese squeakers are...I am sure that Cheese Squeakers are the freshest tastiest cheddar that you can buy in the entire world.  They squeak on your teeth when you eat them.  Actually, really fresh New Bothwell cheddar will do the same but Squeakers are just handy because they are small curds so no chopping is necessary.

Well...that's the the rest of my story.  ;)  I was at this local market in Vernon and what should I happen upon at the counter where I was paying?  BC's "Cheese Squeakers".  I of course had to pay the hefty $6.50 price tag to give them a try.  They were so not cheese squeakers.  They made the New Bothewell Squeakers taste like they just came from the cow.  They were dry, and did not have that fresh cheese taste. They really had not taste at all.  I have heard that New Bothwell has won awards for many of their cheeses and I have now compared it to BC's squeakers and New Bothwell won hands down.

So give New Bothwell.  They do not allow growth hormones or other crap in the milk they receive.  You can taste the quality.  You can now buy it everywhere in Winnipeg but if you happen to be in Winkler, Altona, Morden, Steinbach, any other Southern town, or of course New Bothwell buy the fresh mild cheddar there or their Squeakers.  New Bothwell cheese tastes so much better there because they get it right off the truck and it doesn't have time to sit since all the Southerners jump all over it as soon as it is unloaded.  Our relatives actually know the days it is dropped off in Winkler and buy it that day for fear it will be gone.  If it is warm on the counter it is the freshest and snatch up all you can before the locals run you out of town.  ;D

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