Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hitting the Road and Buying Local

I have been on a road trip with my family through Alberta and British Columbia over the last week.  It has been fun to be tasting local wears and visiting local farmers markets here.  After the long drive we finally settled in Vernon, BC to visit friends for 5 days and then stay in a wonderful resorty place called The Outback for the rest of our holiday.  I have a full kitchen here so I have tried to pick up nearly all food that is B.C. made.  The growing season is longer here and the air is dry and gets quite hot.  We are missing the main orchard season because I don't really like crowds and 40 degrees.  Even with the orchard season approaching in the distance there has been lots of local food to be had.  We ditched the kids for one day and toured local vineyards and a local goat cheese farm.   Next we shopped at a local orchard & farm, visited a local farmers market, got our bread at a delicious tiny bakery, and the rest at small organic groceries.  We have been eating great and probably 90% of it is BC grown and made.

I encourage you too stick local wherever you end up.  If the food does not have to travel thousands of miles to get to you there tends to be less chemicals on them and they arrive at the store or market beautifully fresh and tasty.  I also came across a local Vernon seamstress who makes amazing clothes, specializing in urban wear and active wear.  Have a look at her website.  We also ate at an AWESOME little restaurant in Vernon called Little Tex. 

I would love to post about your local encounters in not so local destinations.  Please email me your stories at

** the photos are all taken by our Vernon friends Nadine and Jason.

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