Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where Do You Choose to Shop?

I know many people who refuse to shop at Walmart. Me being one of them. If you ask them why they answer it is because they make local businesses go out of business, ruin towns, and make small manufacturers go under because they cannot make their products cheap enough. Many of these people choose Superstore or Cosco instead. Why care about Walmart shutting down small businesses & manufacturers if you don't shop local anyways? Why do you care if the small guy gets shut down? You are not shopping there anyways. Choosing another large box store is no better than shopping at Walmart. You are choosing the big corporation because they are cheaper. Cheaper than your local store or manufacturer. I know that it is hard to not step in a box store ever but every time you do, I do, it is not helping anyone but yourself, myself, and the big corporation. You are choosing to not support your community. You might as well shop at Walmart. It makes no difference.

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