Monday, March 8, 2010

Osborne Village's Sew Dandee

Sew Dandee is one of the places you need to stop in to shop local. Owner and designer Andee Penner operates this great store which is a mix of her designs, local & international designers, and some revamped retro creations. When inside you will notice that it has a nice gel of clothing and home and clothing accessories of all styles. I like that much of the clothing that she chooses to feature at Sew Dandee are one of a kind. Many are flowing, bohemian, and somewhat whimsical while others are the other end of the spectrum with locally screen printed t-shirts, skirts, and bags. Sew Dandee features many local designers. To name a few: Wanda June, Juanita Klassen, Melissa Turner, Jaya Beange, Dizzy Dame, Spiro Creations, Experimental Designs, Gracious Designs, & Boomerang 360. These designers create unique clothing and accessories, most that cannot be found anywhere else.

Here is a bio from Andee's blog:

"Dandee Original Designs has been growing and growing every year since i started it up about 9 years ago!! my mom being a seamstress was the best influence to get me started and to keep me going! i'm a fibre addict and can't seem to stop creating!! from reworked and crocheted clothing and accessories to pins and magnets to belts and cozies and switchplate covers to whatever i think up this week!! each item is one of a kind! i'm all about d.i.y. and recycling fabrics, yarns and clothing making things fresh and fun! i sell my goods at my bricks and mortar shop, Sew Dandee in Osborne Village. watch out for new items on a regular basis here on etsy!! stay crafty!! and check out my blog for what's new in the land of Dandee!"

Dandee Original Designs can be found all over the web:

And a great description of her Sew Dandee shop:

"Find awesome handmade goods of all kinds at Sew Dandee! From smart ass all occassion cards to duct tape wallets, upcycled bags to silk screened baby onesies to reworked clothing and jewelry of all kinds plus much more. Most items are made right here in Winnipeg alongside fantastic designers and crafters from all across Canada and a few from the U.S. In addition to our handmade goods we've got a great array of men's and women's gently worn consignment clothing and we can do all kinds of custom sewing and alterations. Come see us today!"

Take a walk through Osborne Village and peak in at all the amazing shops and make sure to visit Sew Dandee and try on some local designs.

Store Hours:
monday thru thursday 10am to 6pm
friday 10am to 7pm
saturday 10am to 6pm
sunday 12noon to 5pm

Sew Dandee
105 Osborne Street

(the photos featured here are a combination of Andee's designs and some of the local designs in her shop)


Dandee said...

WOW, thanks SO much for the great post on Sew Dandee! It's people like you that help me keep the store going!

lulu said...

No problem!!

I need to get out shopping again in your neck of the woods. I am an anti-shopper lately for some reason. ;)

Sam said...

Awesome merchandise. I love the retro stuff. Great post, thanks, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)