Monday, February 7, 2011

Upcoming Features Are.......

Yey!  I cleaned out the pantry and found my tin of cards from the December craft sales I visited.  I found a few cards here and there last month but I knew I had a bunch somewhere.   Some were old favourites of mine and here are some of the new ones that I have not written about: - upcycled rugs - web & print design - personal fabricators - fibre art (I have written about but she has some new things.) - photography
Prairie Girl Pottery
Heike Eidse - Rags & Regalia
My Clementine
Tara Lee Garcia - Wine Bottle Glasses
Crochet Design - crochet accessories
A Yarn Lover
Fille Crocheteuse - crochet accessories
Elli & Olli Quilts & - artist & photographer - photography

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