Monday, February 7, 2011

Decadence Chocolates' Valentine's Day Treats

I think it is time to talk about local Valentine's Treats.  There are many local chocolatiers so their is no reason to choose the Pot of Gold this year for your honey.  :)  I just got this from Decadence Chocolates:
"Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Show that special someone how much they mean to you with a box of handmade Belgian Chocolates from Decadence Chocolates.  Free delivery on phone or email orders over $25 within the City of Winnipeg limits – or stop in at Chocolate Zen Bakery, 553 Osborne Street!

Along with our original flavour selections, we have added Harissa Spice (Moroccan spice mix in a moulded white chocolate) as well as our special Valentine’s selections which include: 
Red heart        cinnamon & chili moulded in a white chocolate
Red heart          raspberry truffle moulded in dark chocolate
Red heart        macadamia nut moulded in a white chocolate
Your favourite selections can be custom packaged in a 5 or 12 piece box or our Valentine’s heart box (9 piece) pictured below.  These flavours are sure to please!  Happy Valentine’s Day!"

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lulu said...

Yum. I just finished off my box of chocolates that Helen dropped off. Yummy! Thanks for the Valentine. :)