Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Of Course You Can!

I loved Of Course You Can's mix of upcycled goodies.  I think it is fabulous that they have more than one price for the same item depending on what you can afford or think it is below you will read that they are also interested in barters too.  :)  Old world ideas with a new world charm.  I LOVE their rag rugs and may be buying one for my sewing room once it is ready to decorate.

Note from their Etsy Site:
"Celeste and Dandy are folks who pretty much just make awesome stuff all the time. Between the two of us we do screenprinting, film photography, illustration and painting, graphic design, clothing design, bookbinding, rugmaking, knitting and crochet, as well as a smattering of other random things.

When we're not making art and crafts we're usually volunteering at the local bike co-op, the local radical library, at food not bombs, or making music. Dandy works at an art-focussed drop in center for inner city youth. Celeste plays accordion on street corners.

We also do craft fairs, zine fairs, bookfairs, and farmers markets and have done them in Halifax, Montreal, Victoria and Portland Oregon.

We're also big into the idea of barter.  If you like something we've made, and want to trade us something you've made for it, get in touch!"

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Julia Mark said...

I traded with them at the Vineyard craft sale, and I'm really happy with the lino prints and cloth patches that I got in trade for some photographs and cards. One of the ones I have is the yellow accordian player pic that you posted.
They have inspired me to accept trades at any future craft shows!