Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tea Buds & Blossoms is Educating The Prairies One Cup of Tea At A Time

Jasmine Dragon Tears Green Tea
A reader emailed me about a local tea company that they love.  Tea Buds & Blossoms has an amazing selection of tea: chai, traditional favourites, green, rooibos, herb & fruit teas, black, oolong, and traditional drinking herbs.  Have a peak at the unusual and amazing selection they carry on their website and read below their little bio on Tea Buds & Blossoms.  

"The passion for enjoying a good cup of tea was the driving force behind the beginnings of Tea Buds and Blossoms. Originally, the Owner,Susan Lamont, started out with a kiosk in the Killarney Mall,in Killarney, Manitoba. With over 70 varieties of loose leaf teas, Black, White, Rooibos, Green, Oolong and Herb and Fruit  teas, tea pots and infusion accessories from various regions in the world. she provides the tea connoisseur with the upmost tea experience.  Loose leaf teas are new to many people on the Prairies, who mostly grew up with commercial tea bags. There is a big difference between the two. Tea Buds and Blossoms travels the Manitoba landscape educating the public. You will find her at group gatherings, craft shows and ladies' night out events, as well as, the trade shows. She is committed to getting the word out about the splendid palette of loose leaf teas she carries.She attends the yearly World Tea Expo to keep up with the growing trends and resurgence of tea in the marketplace."

Genmaicha a.k.a. Popcorn Tea
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival
Sharon also posted about Tea Buds & Blossoms on her blog.  Read her review here:

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