Sunday, August 15, 2010

Upcoming Manitoba Artisans and More Coming to Handmade In Manitoba

Hi Again
Yes...I am still around.  I was out at the cabin again.  I returned to quite a few emails about interesting stores, craft sales, artisans, and more.  My friend Debra-Jean ended up at the Aqua Books sale and got some business cards and stories for me so once I get some more info there I will be adding some more creative artisans from that sale to my blog too.  Please don't think I have fallen asleep.  I will be ticking away here.  Some blog prospects for the near future:

Lather Creations - upcycles vintage furniture

Cloverleaf Fibre  - Needle felt work and fleece creations from homespun and died wool from their Shetland Sheep and recycled sweaters.

cake-ology at 85 arthur street - Exchange District Cake Bakery

green please - local online store that sells green toys

papergirl productions - stuffies, kitsch jewellery, and more

Echocreations - handcrafted & reproduced spoon jewelry & hanging art

Inspyred Creations by Meagan Brown - jewelry & art works

Dizzydame - fashioneer

Cara Jess Gesell - Visual Artist

Head in the Oven - Upcycled Creations & Pop Culture Collisions

The Velvet Vixen
Please keep an eye on this blog and continue to contact me for local businesses, restaurants, artists, craft fairs, and of course artisans at

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Amber. said...

Looking forward to future posts! Hope you are enjoying your summer!!