Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally, My Boon Burger Review

Finally, after 3/4 of the summer has zipped on by me, I have made it to Boon Burger.  I have a vegetarian friend in from BC and it just so happened to be his birthday today.  Happy Birthday Michael.  It gave me a great reason to treat him to a veggie burger.  I was told that we were very lucky because there was actually room for the 6 of us to sit inside over lunch.  We headed over around 1pm and it was only 1/2 full...or 1/2 empty however you want to look at it.  ;)  I thought the cafeteria seating was fine.  A few people warned me about the dreaded communal seating but I do not fear strangers so eating near one is not all that terrifying.  Those that don't like them should probably sit next to strangers more often. 

One thing I liked right off the start at Boon Burger was the cheery service.  I actually love that new veggie friendly places are popping up all over so they do not have the elitist atmosphere that earlier vegan restaurants had.  The two people working in the front were very friendly and helpful.

The menu had many great choices and I was lucky to have 4 different burgers chosen by our friends so I could have a peak at what I was missing.  I decided on the Buddha Burger.  It was great.  It kind of reminded me of Bar Italia's falafal burger minus all the grease and with better sauce.  It was great and it was dressed with veggies, a peach salsa & cucumber sauce.   I ate the whole thing and was sorry when it was gone.  The burger was cooked perfect and it was not dry or greasy.  The bun was wholewheat and fresh.  I got the sesame fries with it.  The fries were ok.  They tasted healthier then normal fries, which probably should be a good thing, but I kind of like fries to be unhealthy.  It is like diet desserts.  It is an oxymoron.  Desserts should be made with butter, cream, and rich, dark chocolate, & lots of it.  ;)

The birthday boy had the fish burger (can't remember the name) and it was good too.  I am sure they would hate to be compared to a fast food place, but it tasted similar the A&W's veggie burger.  That isn't entirely a bad thing.  A&W makes the only decent veggie burger and it is probably way worst for you then this one.  They made this burger taste deliciously unhealthy and it probably isn't all that bad for you.  I didn't think it tasted like a fish burger but it was really good anyways and the patty looked like a fish patty.  I never liked fish so I was glad it tasted how it did.

Cara, another Boon Burger virgin, got the poutine.  I was a little leery about how good it would be.  I don't like vegan cheese.  I have tried vegan cheese all over the place and the only place I have tasted a super yummy vegan cheese was at a pizza place in Minneapolis.  This poutine was pretty good.  The cheese was more feta like.  It was crumbly and not melty but as Cara stated "It tastes vegan."  The gravy was good and the cheese wasn't bad as far as vegan cheese goes.

The 6 of us left happy and satisfied.  Our meals were great and we will all return.  Craig had the Thanksgiving Burger and I think that will be my next meal.  I love yams.  Michael enjoyed his meal so much that he will be back this week again before he flies back west.  We all recommend you to give them a try whether you are a carnivore, omnivore, or herbivore.  Advice I have been given is that it is very busy at prime time lunch and in the early evening.  At 7pm there is often a line out the door but the food is good and made quick so even if you have to wait you can chat with your neighbors, maybe make a new friend, and get a good solid meal at the end of it.

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Golden the Pony Girl said...

I Just moved to Winnipeg and I have already developed a severe Boon habit. So yummy. I love their Mediterranean and the euro burger. Their side salads are great too. I recommend that!