Monday, August 30, 2010

A Great Day For The Museum Followed By A Little Cake-ology!

Today my kidlets and I had a fantastic morning visiting the Museum of Man & Nature with friends.  My little Lu is only 3 1/2 so I hadn't tried out the "big" museum with her yet.  All the kids had a blast running through all the displays especially the Bison (Buffalo), the panorama video of the ancient sea life, Nonsuch Ship, & the urban village at the end.  My girl was very disappointed to have to leave the movie theatre where Charlie Chaplin was making a mess of a movie set.  I think I may have to download some Chaplin for her.  The kids really had a great time.  I was afraid it would be above their heads but they ran around with their eyes bugged out smiling from ear to ear.  We will definitely make the trip again!

So....I had said Museum and Cake......

I finally visited Cake-ology on Arthur St.  I have been meaning to get there but have been so busy this summer.  Sandi, a friend in my baby group, recommended it a couple months ago.  She is due any day with baby #2 and had been a frequent visitor of Cake-ology.  Andrea of Cake-ology did add a warning to all pregnant moms out there;  "We cannot be responsible for causing cakette addictions in unborn babies!!!  :)"  She was very considerate to think of the poor unborn babies.  ;)  Well, I am very un-pregnant so I figured I could easily eat one of everything and did.  My kiddos and I shared a saskatoon imperial cookie, a chocolate caramel cupcake, a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing, a chocolate cakette, and a vanilla cakette.  They were all polished off before we even got out of the car.   For some reason neither of the kiddos wanted lunch when we got home....hmmmm.......I wonder why?  It was yummy!  My favorites were the chocolate cakette, which is a little chocolate cake ball like a rum ball dipped in chocolate.  The cupcakes were delicious too.  The caramel buttercream tasted like a roasted marshmallow but the cream cheese icing on the red velvet cupcake "took the cake".  Oh my.  I actually moaned in the car during the first taste.  I am an icing girl.....but only good icing.  Grocery Store cake icing does not do it for me.  I was scooping the icing off the cupcakes while I drove.  Their cream cheese icing is to die for.

The kiddos ate most of the cookie but I did enjoy the little taste I had.  I love good imperial cookies nearly as much as icing and the saskatoon jam centers added a little change to the standard raspberry jam used.    Most imperial cookies are dry, almost stale tasting but there are a couple bakeries in town that make them really well.  Cake-ology is one of them.  The vanilla cakette was also polished off by the kids pretty fast but I sampled a small taste and it was ok.  It had no chocolate so I was not as excited about it obviously.  I did not share my chocolate cakette!!

The butter cream icing was a little sweet for me.  I think bakeries have to make it sweet so it can keep the shape they want.  I like butter cream icing to taste more buttery and not be hurt your teeth sweet.  The kids did not share this opinion with me.  They ate all the icing before they even tasted the cupcake hiding underneath. 

Overall I think it is obvious that we had an awesome visit at Cake-ology.  The prices were decent too.  For all we munched, or should I say inhaled, it only set me back $9.25.  Not a bad lunch for 3.  ;)

85 Arthur St

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Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

Oh my that sounds absolutely decadent - I will have to check it out! Thanks so much for the button add, big hugs for your support!