Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wolseley Farmers' Market Coming Soon

I just got exciting news that a farmers's market is starting in my own neighbourhood with veggies, baking, and artisan tables.  Here is what I have on it now and will update when I get more information:

“The Wolseley Farmer’s Market is a first-time venture for the area and is set up in conjunction with Jonathan Steven’s Community Supported Agriculture drop-off program. Every week Jonathan will be driving in from the Interlake to drop off fresh produce boxes to his share members. These share members will hopefully make up a large portion of the market attendees as he will have well over 150 shares this season.

The market’s initiation date is set for June 19th and will run well into October, and potentially throughout the fall and winter, depending on interest from the community and from vendors. The market will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-8pm at the R.A. Steen Community Center, outside in the courtyard.

We hope to have a wide variety of vendors and have space for 12 tables. There has been interest from a wide range of local producers and we hope to have a solid base of vendors for produce, meat, honey, and bread. Our priority for the market is to support the local community and therefore we are making local businesses and producers a priority. We are also excited about home-based businesses run by individuals in the area to premier their products at the market.

So far the list of interested vendors include folks who make pottery, glass jewelery, body products, grow produce, grass-fed beef, and make freshly squeezed juices and teas. We are still looking for people who are passionate about baking, and preparing fresh on-the-spot snacks (as well as a host of other goods!).

The final components of the market are vital to making this a successful weekly community event: Workshops and Musicians. We have had lots of enthusiasm from skilled people who are willing to share their talents with the community through a presentation or hands-on skill-shares. This has included bike repair, herbalism, bee-keeping, and fruit drying. We are looking for more!

Lastly, music will be a great way to showcase local Winnipeg talent, while providing a great, relaxed atmosphere at the market! If you are interested, or know of musicians looking for a venue, please pass this information along.


Anonymous said...

Nice! We're always looking for a new market to try out, thanks for the announcement.

Gail said...

Looking forward to it!