Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking Forward to Crafty Minions Sale on the 26th

I have missed the last two Crafty Minions Sales so I am looking forward to May's.  Their location has changed a couple times so be sure to check their Facebook page before you head out in case any changes have been made to the location.  It is at Aqua Books at 274 Garry St from 11am-5pm.  It should the last time it is at this location.  Here are the exciting details about the sale that I grabbed from the site.  Hope you can all make it.  I will be there early buying up all the good stuff so you better get their early.  ;)

"One of Winnipeg's biggest indie craft sales features the city's hottest established and emerging crafty superstars and vintage finders.

Banish all thoughts of rows and rows of crocheted slippers or washcloths or ponybead keychains...think, instead, vintage-inspired handmade dresses, leather and ribbon wrist corsets, funky jewelery made of vintage silverware, tiny ceramic apartment buildings and octopus tentacles, retro aprons hand-embroidered with sassy 80s pop lyrics, handmade natural skincare luxuries, wall-art created from bass strings and recycled children's books, silk-screened courier bags and baby wear, weird and wonderful stuffed animal-ish creations of all sorts, smart alec eco-friendly gift cards and much more. This is the new world of gorgeous guerilla DIY craft, right here at Aqua Books.

This will be the last Crafty Minions to take place at this location of Aqua Books so come be a part of crafty history! (We mean last this time too!)

Expect to see these fine local crafters and vintage finders at the sale:
Blue Star Studios, Inspyred Creations, Papertrail Craft Company, Julrei, Just the Goods, Periwynkle Designs, SoGa Soap, Prairie Peasant, Cat Haus, Mozy Rue, CrushCraft, Dreaming Tree Paper...and more to come as I get confirmations...

Admission is FREE. Can't beat that."

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

make sure you pop by and say hi! I'll be in one the first studio in the long hallway, with 2 new rising starts of WEST - Andrea of WeAreBoundTogether and Debra of HoshiiDesigns