Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vineyard Sale Rocked

I didn't make it to the Manitoba Craft Council one but my girl and I did make it to the Vineyard sale.  It was two floors of awesomeness.  We just buzzed through because my 4 1/2 yr old wanted to go to Chapters for a date but collected lots of cards of potential buys, picked up some chocolate tree ornaments again from Decadence Chocolate because they were such a hit with the kids last year, some treats from the $1 baked table, and a couple art magnets from Wendy Lee.  The cards I took were mostly for items for me so I will visit them again after Christmas since this is a time for giving. ;) for her handmade pillows,
Love & Life for a potential sign for the lake,
Pure Paper Extract for their baking inspired prints and clothes,
Skill Toys Canada for potentially using for a block party,
My daughter wants a doll made by Jill Zurzolo,
and I plan to get a few bibs from Lilypad.

I love that there were many new tables.  It was also INSANELY busy which is great for the crafty people there.  Hope lots of you got there and/or other craft sales this week.  I am off to enjoy this beautiful day.  :)

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Nancy Blokland said...

I was a vendor, NancyBloklandPottery, and I have described it as a "whopper of a sale". Thanks to everybody who came out, I only wish we could have a vendors preview time, cause I never got out of my booth. Success is a double edged sword. Thanks to Charla, Chandra and the team.