Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Splendor By Connie Schroeder

Connie Schroeder grew up on a farm just east of Inglis, MB.  Several years ago she started Splendor where she creates handmade, high end costume jewelry.  The materials she uses are copper and brass, semi-precious stone, fresh water pearls, crystal and glass.

Connie is not local now.  She married an American gent and is now living in Greendale, WI.  Even though she lives in Wisconsin she is a Canadian prairie girl at heart and still visits Inglis in the summers so I thought it would be just fine to talk about her here.  ;)  Her prairie love of big open sky and the rolling hills of the parkland region has helped to form her aesthetic. 

"The beauty or splendor of my pieces are just a small reflection of the true splendor of creation."

Some Splendor pieces can also be found locally at the Yogi Bare Bath'n' Relax in Roblin, MB.  135 2nd Ave NW Roblin, MB.

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