Sunday, November 13, 2011

Craft Sale Cancellations and Current Information Updates

I had an email from the promoter of the Selkirk Snowflake Craft Sale and she said that the show had been cancelled and many people went to it this weekend and were disappointed that there was nothing going on.  They said they read it about it on my blog.  I was told a couple of months ago by a crafter, and one of my readers, that it was cancelled and I removed it from my page then.  I find it a little strange that many people showed up there and I haven't had it posted for weeks so I am thinking they may have read it somewhere else and may be mixing it up.  I just want to remind my readers to check back here often to see if there are any changes.  I try to keep on top of things and if you know of any craft sales no longer on, please email me.  Also, a reminder that there are a couple Facebook pages about local crafters.  I like reading them but I am not affiliated with them.  ;)

I am looking forward to many of the up and coming sales and I hope you are all excited too.  :)  If you are a crafter and will be at any upcoming sales I would be happy to do a post on you and where you can be found.  Email me at  Happy craft shopping!!  :)

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