Friday, January 6, 2012

Annual Spring Sale at the Red River Exhibition Hall is Looking For Vendors

This year's Annual Spring Sale at the Red River Exhibition Hall at the Assiniboia Downs will be held March 30-31, 2012 (Friday 10am – 8pm and Saturday 10am-8pm).

Paula Mohsen of Soko, the company arranging this sale, has told me that it will be a very fun sale.  "It is going to be a great show with a different twist.  We are really promoting the vendors at the exhibition by doing a treasure hunt and sending the public to different vendor’s booths.  As well, the door prizes are gift certificates to spend at the show and we are having entertainment for children and adults as well.  We want this to be focused on the vendors themselves.  So many shows focus on selling the booths, but we really are hoping to highlight each vendor.  We are also allowing people to share a booth so as to benefit the mom and pop crafters who may not be necessarily afford the cost of the booth."

It does sound like fun and their goal is to promote Manitoba's small businesses of all shapes and sizes.  :) If you have any questions or would like a vendor info pack contact Paula Mohsen at: or

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