Monday, February 8, 2010

Handmade in Manitoba's 2009 Top 10

I know it is a little late being February and all but after a month of everyone in my family being sick over and over and over I am ready to get back in action and finish this post started oh so long ago.

I really enjoyed 2009. It was a year of exploring my community. I have featured many talented Manitoba businesses, artisans, and crafters. I just wanted to post my top 10 wrap up of 2009 and I am looking forward to featuring many more local talent in 2010. Since I am a Mom of 2 very young kids many of my favorites are child or food centered. If anyone has their own favorites for 2009 I would love to see them in the comments!!

#1. Favorite Grocery: Eat It *I have been shopping here for years now but they continue to impress me with their beautiful produce, amazing staff, and lots of local goods.

#2. Favorite Baby Goods: Lilypad *I especially love their pocket bibs, pouch slings, & baby blankets.

#3. Favorite Bath & Body Products: Just The Goods *I love the Gin & Tonic Salt Scrub.

#4. Favorite Bakery: Tall Grass Prairie *Best cheese croissants in town!

#5. Favorite Baby Slings & Carriers: Sling Sisters *Awesome ladies & I just picked up their newly introduced Pipa Baby Pack to carry my youngest.

photo borrowed from Pipa Creations etsy site:

#6. Favorite Jewelry: Revelations North *I have to meet her and see her stuff in person!!!

#7. Favorite Artist: Joy Eidse *Beautiful artistic quilts. I especially love this prairie scene. Email her at or connect with her on Facebook.

#8. Favorite Clothing Store: Brave New World *comfortable and beautifully designed clothes from near and very very far away.

#9. Favorite Sweets: High Tea Bakery *delicious cookies. It is my daughter's cookie store. I love their imperial & almond cookies.

#10. Favorite Childrens Goods: Manic Mittens *They have an great selection of hats, clips, and whimsical dress up items. The prices are fabulous too. I am ordering tutus and crocheted crowns for my little girl for her Birthday in April.

I have so many more artisans, businesses, and artists to be featured starting up in March. This month I am primarily featuring local restaurants so when March hits I will be back in artisan action so make sure to contact me if you would like to be featured here. :D

Thanks for reading my blog!!

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Just the Goods said...

Oh wow!!!! I just noticed this now! Thank you *SO* much for your most flattering thoughts on Just the Goods! I'm so thrilled =-) =-) =-)
Very best to you,