Monday, December 2, 2013

Wonderful Vineyard Sale

Hi Folks.  I haven't had much time to write this year.  But I had a fabulous time again at the Vineyard sale.  Good job organizers and the artisans had beautiful tables.  I did not buy a ton but I did finally buy myself an Anita Rex Designs Wreath.  I have been humming and hawing over getting one for a couple of years.  Now I have it.  It even is the perfect colours.  Fate, I'd say.  I also bought some art magnets from Wendy Lee's Silkwinds table.  I have bought them every year as teacher gifts and to add to my own magnet collection.  I think I need to buy a silk next year.  I was sad that my favourite art quilter Joy Eidse wasn't there this year but I will find her when I am ready for a piece.  Lastly, I bought my annual Decadence Chocolate ornaments.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WEST Handmade & Vintage Sale IV On Saturday, October 12th

W.E.S.T. Is Winnipeg's Etsy group.  Their handmade and vintage sales are awesome. You need to be there this weekend.

Have a peak:
Saturday, October 12th, 2013 (11am-4pm)
Robert Steen Community Centre
980 Palmerston Ave
Free Admission

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Winnipeg Author Melanie Dennis Unrau's Happiness Threads: The Unborn Poems is Available Now

It is very exciting to have another published Manitoban.  I have had the pleasure of learning alongside Melanie and many other wonderful women during our children's early years and look forward to Happiness Threads: The Unborn Poems launch coming up soon.   McNally Robinson has a fabulous write up about the book and Melanie:
"Happiness Threads: The Unborn Poems, Melanie Dennis Unrau’s debut collection, is an elegantly spare, thoughtful, and fiercely tenacious meditation on the trials and tribulations of modern motherhood. Written in response to the platitude “Your children are your poetry now,” Happiness Threads explores the struggle of a young mother to balance the demands of raising young children with her desire to make art. Unrau wastes neither words nor sentiment; often brief and wonderfully compact, these poems shy away from nothing—delving into every challenge from the onslaught of dirty diapers and spit-up to the despair in the aftermath of a stillbirth.
Determined, precise, and with a good measure of humour, this new work illuminates many of the concerns of young mothers, including conception, miscarriage, birth, breastfeeding, day care, and playground politics. Happiness Threads is set in five parts. The title section, written in the abbreviated language of an online natural mothering forum, exposes the limits of internet support systems—and the pressures, anxieties, oppressions, and victories of a post-attachment parent.
Melanie Dennis Unrau is Editor and co-Publisher of Geez magazine. Once a writer of long posts late at night, she now prefers to make art with a group of visual artist mothers who meet in person in Winnipeg. Her writing has appeared in magazines and art shows, and in Exposed, an anthology of emerging Manitoba writers (The Muses’ Company, 2002). This is her first collection."

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Siglarr is Winnipeg's Hottest New Product For Troublesome Skin

started making Siglarr in 2006 when our four kids joined the University swim team. Although they were training in 
a saline pool, they competed in a very chlorinated pool creating various skin problems such as eczema on the face from the water getting trapped around the goggle area. After trying many different creams I started using coconut and olive oil and had very favourable results. With a combination of the four ingredients used in Siglarr today I was able not only to manage their skin problems but clear it up completely.  We now use this cream as our everyday moisturizer it works really well as an eye make-up remover. I have introduced two new products in the same organic base, Siglarr with organic rose hip oil and Siglarr Glacier ( a vapour/muscle rub).  With the same results! 

Please go to my web page for further description of the products and locations:

MetzgerStudios' Abstract Artist & Chartered Accountant :)

"My name is Nicole Metzger and all my artwork is under the name MetzgerStudios.

I grew up in the tiny town of Maryfield Saskatchewan, Canada and moved to Brandon Manitoba, Canada when I was eighteen. The purpose of the move was to go to university to take a business degree.

Although I am now finished my degree in something completely different from the arts I have ALWAYS been driven by creativity and artwork. I have had a passion for painting for many years now! I believe in doing the things I love and what makes me happy even though my life has taken a different path from this.  I am now 26 years old and a full time CA and also an artist!

Most of my artwork is modern/abstract style with lots of texture and dimension."

Phone: 204-730-0282
Instagram: nicolemetzger018

Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Annual Fibre Festival 2013

10:00 am - 4:00 pm
St. Norbert Community Centre, 3450 Pembina Highway, St Norbert, Manitoba, Canada

"We have a great community in this province of fibre producers, spinners, knitters, weavers, and felters, not to mention the sheep, alpacas, llamas and more. Our goal is to strengthen these connections while drawing ever more people into the wonderful world of fibre. What better reason for a festival!

Admission is free to the festival market, demonstrations, and spinning circles."

Winnipeg Makers Market Is Still Going Strong Every First Friday